Is a date a week too much?

So, I’ve started seeing someone. I met him in the beginning of May, and our first date was Memorial Day (5/29). I saw him again on June 9th, and a week later on the 16th. We have plans to meet up again this weekend.
I was talking to my grandmother today and after I told her about him, she remarked that we were seeing a lot of each other. I said, “What do you mean, it’s only been 3 dates so far.” She says, “Well, that’s 3 in three weeks…I think that’s a lot.”
I said I didn’t really think so, I thought a date a week is about average. I said times have changed and a relationship moves a bit faster now than it did when she was in her 20’s.

So I’m taking a poll. What say you, Dopers? He and I are both 25, by the way.

Sounds reasonable to me…

When my (now) hubby and I started dating we didn’t see each other 3 times in three weeks… :smiley:

How often does she expect you two to see each other? Once a month?! It sounds reasonable to me, htat is, the once a week thing.

Once a week sounds perfectly reasonable, if not a little skimpy.

Of course, when my boyfriend and I started dating, we saw each other about, oh, 7 times a week. So my opinion might be a little skewed. :slight_smile:

I thought once a week was as close to a traditional standard for dating frequency as we had. It’s certainly not excessive, especially if that’s the only time you see each other.

It’s reasonable.
And stop taking dating advice from you grandmother.

It’s only too much if you don’t like the guy.

Alternate anwer to Kalhoun’s:

It’s only too much if you are giving up things of lasting importance to you for a short term relationship.

Although, if in fact that is the case, and you are only going on one date a week, I’d vote you had yourself overcommitted in the first place and might benefit from some “me” time. And if that “me” time includes this guy, so much the better.

I guess a third answer is “It’s only too much if you will be emotionally devastated if there comes a week when you can’t coordinate your schedules for a date.”

Sounds reasonable to me…

As long as you are enjoying his company.

My gf and I have been seeing each other once a week for the past year. Our once a week date starts Friday evening and ends Sunday night, however.

I think once a week is quite reasonable, as long as neither one of you are giving anything vital up to see each other (like personal time).

See each other whenever you feel like it. There’s no “right” or “wrong” number.

My now-Hubby and I started seeing a lot of each other almost immediately. We liked each other from our first date and after that, we were virtually inseperable. Since that first date, the longest we’ve spent apart is 48 hours, and last month was our eighth anniversary.

Did we go “too fast”? Probably, but it worked for us. Do what works for you.

Thanks, you’ve all confirmed what I thought. I’ve had a couple of relationships that I dove headfirst into and spent all my time on, and I didn’t want to repeat that. Maybe that’s where my grandmother got her impression from.

I’m 24 and I’ve been seeing someone for a couple of weeks. I think we’re averaging about two dates a week, since we otherwise wouldn’t see each other. Doesn’t seem like a lot to me, and it’s definitely not too much if you don’t feel like it is.

Too much? Nah. Any more and Mrs. D_Odds would get suspicious! :eek: