Is anyone else planning to watch 90210 tonight?

Confession time…I absolutely have to watch this thing! I actually won’t be able to watch it until tomorrow…it’s airing at 10:30 PM here! (I assume because of the Cubs game scheduled tonight on the same channel…hoping that it’s not the permanent time slot).

Of course, I’m only watching because they are bringing Brenda and Kelly back! Sorry that Tori backed out (maybe it would be wise not to let eveyone know about your money problems…apparently, they thought they could get her cheap!)

I did NOT think it was funny when I saw one of the young stars on TV this morning, and she said she knows all about the original series…because it was one of her MOM’S favorite shows! :slight_smile:

So, anyone else planning to watch?

Yeah, I did. Like you I tuned in for Bren and Kelly. Well mainly for Brenda but still. Overall it wasn’t bad. The kid’s storylines were standard teen drama stuff but it managed to hold my interest for 2 hours.

I really hope Dylan makes an appearance and I am so annoyed that Jackie Taylor appears to have fallen off the wagon, but I am excited to see her on the show.

Cubs game in extra innings! Will have to wait until it’s over to hit the record button on my DVR & go to sleep. Will watch it tomorrow.

Yes please! 66 views but we’re the only ones admitting to watching. hee.

Well if it makes you feel better i would have watched it had i know it was on tonight.

I’m not afraid to admit that I watched it - I’m a die-hard 90210 fan. I tuned in for Jennie Garth and Shannon Doherty. Frankly, I wish the show would have incidental “kids acting up” subplots and be all about Kelly working at the school. At least her character has some depth and mystery… these other ones, I’m not so sure about. I’ll give it a good six episodes before I decide, but so far nostalgia wins. New 90210 not nearly as kick ass as old 90210.

Another die-hard fan here. Of course I tuned in mainly for the return of Brenda Walsh, but the rest of it didn’t suck as much as expected. I HATE the editing though - were there any scenes longer than 20 seconds? It also felt like they tried to cram too much in.

So who’s the father of Kelly’s baby? They haven’t been able to get Luke Perry on board so far. It could still be Brandon or some other random dude.

My husband and I loved the original series. We watched last night, and actually liked it. Of course neither of us will ever admit to our friends that we watch it, but I think we might stick around. I never liked Brenda (or Shannen Doherty—who has not aged well. She looks like Roseanne Barr! Scary.), but love Jennie Garth.

I’m hoping Kelly’s babydaddy is Matt because Daniel Cosgrove is teh hawt.

Rob Estes has not aged well.

The plot made almost no impression on me whatsoever. Something about cheating and lacrosse? Meh.

Rob Estes as a high school principal is really amusing. At least the first 90210 had believable adults. Bring back Mrs. Teasley.

Now THAT would be awesome. But what would she do without her nemisis, Steve Sanders? :slight_smile:

I didn’t even make it long enough to record it last night (I think the Cubs game wasn’t over until after 11). But it’s re-running here on Wednesday night, so anyone who missed it…keep an eye out!

I enjoyed it way more than I expected to. My husband even liked it. I’ve gotten him hooked on SoapNet’s reruns of the original series, so he’s getting some helpful background on all the old characters. He was hilariously excited by Jackie’s appearance in the preview for next week.

I watched it last night and enjoyed it but it just doesn’t have that something that the old series had, but then I didn’t start watching the old series until about halfway into the first season so maybe it wasn’t so strong in the very beginning either.

I’ll definitely be giving it a try for awhile to see where it goes.

I started watching the original 90210 at like age 12 and still watch the soapnet reruns to this day, so I’m really only watching for the old characters. Kelly seems ok so far, but I have to say I despised her towards the end of the original show; she became wayyy too holier than thou to tolerate.

I thought Brenda looked quite nice, not at all like Roseanne! :slight_smile:

I also would’ve liked to see the adults from the old show. So far the adult characters, aside from Kelly and Brenda, are very meh. Bring back Jim and Cindy! Bring back Felice and Mrs. Teasley! Was happy to see Nat, although what on earth have they done to the Peach Pit? I am excited as hell Jackie Taylor is on the show, though not so happy about where they’re taking her character. I guess that’s more drama, though.

Also, if Dylan is the father of Kelly’s son, I’ll kill myself. Brenda and Dylan were meant for one another! IMNSHO. Actually, what happened to her being infertile? Maybe she adopted?


I hope Jenny Garth still has the same attitude toward her character as she used to. She told the writers they could pretty much do anything to Kelly they wanted. Rape her, shoot her, stalk her, dope her up, whatever.

Whoa, when was this? I stopped watching in the last few seasons.

Dylan as the babydaddy makes the most sense, since he’s a perfect candidate for deadbeat dad. And I think the producers are still holding out hope Perry will return. What else does he have going on anyway?

Season 7? 8? Can’t remember, but basic story arc was: Kelly has pregnancy scare. Kelly gets her period. Kelly finds out period was actually her miscarrying a child. (Brandon’s, BTW). Kelly goes to doctor who tells her she could have difficulty conceiving and it was possible she might never. I think she had endometriosis? It’s a bit fuzzy, I haven’t seen those eps for awhile. Even in the reruns I lose interest around season 7-8 and stop watching till it loops back around.

re: Dylan lalalalala I can’t hear you!

You are correct, although I don’t know what season it was. Didn’t she have an ectopic pregnancy, which was what led to the diagnosis?

End of the 7th season, right before graduation. And no it wasn’t an ectopic pregnancy, just a regular miscarriage… which, added to Kelly’s recent back pain and cramps, led the doctor to do more tests (just watched the episode a few weeks ago…)

OK, I just finished watching it. It was pretty good, I think (don’t have much to compare it to, because my experience with this genre pretty much began & ended with the original 90210). I loved that one of the main characters is Kelly & David’s little sister Erin…thought that was cool. Also liked the teaser at first with Andrea’s daughter doing the TV news in the classroom, but I’m guessing she’s not really going to be a character, because that was the last we saw of her.

Jennie Garth looks awesome…Shannen not so much. She looks to me like she’s had some bad plastic surgery or something. Good to see the characters back, though…Kelly was so Kelly, giving advice to her little sister.

Definitely am on board for another few episodes, to see how it shapes up.