Is anyone expressing excitement over having McCain as president?

I read about lots of people saying that they are excited over the possibility of Obama being elected president. I read about lots of people saying that they would rather have McCain as president. I don’t remember anyone saying that they are actually excited to have McCain as president.

So is anyone really excited to have McCain in office, or is it mostly “He’s the better of the choices”?

AAAAaaaaarrrgh!!! * AAIIIeeeeeeeee! * Shriek, scream, gibber, kitang, kitang…

Depends on what you mean by “excited”, I guess…

Diane Mantouvalos is making some noise. Personally, I can’t stand her!

I know a good number of people how are very gung-ho about a McCain presidency. I wish I was. Heck I’d be happy to be gung-ho about Obama. I’d mean I’d finally get to vote for someone I like rather than dislike least.

Sarah Palin would be like totally stoked. I can just see her now, creeping up behind McCain with an inflated paperbag…

The few people that I can find who are rooting for a McCain win are doing so just because he’s on their “team”. There are issue-agnostic voters in both parties who just want to pull the lever next to their party affiliation, and will be excited to see their guy win.

“He’s still breathing!”

Funny you should mention that. It seems like all I ever hear in McCain’s bits is how muslim/socialist/redistributionist/liberal Obama is and how baaaaad he is, and then the crowds are all going “boooooo!”. I never hear much about what, specifically, he’s going to do, or anything positive, for that matter. Maybe Sarah Palin has some exciting, innovative ideas about how the country should be run.

“Excited for” means that you are looking forward to and expecting such a thing to happen. Most rational people don’t think that McCain is going to win, so they’re not going to say that they’re excitedly waiting for his presidency to come.

Now, while I wouldn’t doubt that there’s more support for Obama on the left, than there is for McCain on the right (maverick that he is), I think that all you are picking up on in the OP is a language issue.

None that I know of…

Even Rush Limbaugh, who dislikes Obama way more than he likes McCain, is posting stuff like “Lets drag him over the finish line, then straighten up our party”.

I read a few right wing sites and the focus seems to be on keeping terrorist muslim communist Obama out of the WH then putting McCain in. A few people there claim to be excited by the possibility of a Palin presidency, but even that seems a little forced.

Agreed. The GOP’ers I know are far more anti-Obama than pro-McCain.

A few of the more hardcore GOP party loyalists I know think that McCain would get sworn in, revert to his “real” moderate pre-election self and allow Palin only enough rope to pacify the wingnut faction. They seem to believe all the stuff he’s said during the election has been just window-dressing necessary to win the election so not really real enough to count.


cindy mccain?

roberta mccain?

that’s about all i should think.

Not unreal at all. Look at all the posters right here on the SDMB who were convinced for the past 6 weeks that McCain wasn’t running his own campaign, that Rove and his minion took it over, that Palin was really calling the shots. Any time McCain or anybody in his campaign did something despicable, posters on this board fell all over themselves to explain how it’s not the really real McCain.

To hear some people tell it, the SDMB is the most liberal board in the history of the Internet. If posters here are convinced that McCain is faking and just putting on a bizarre, prolonged act, instead of revealing his true colors, why wouldn’t the party faithful have the same idea?

Must be selective memory. Every time he does a speech, he’s constantly telling us he knows how to do… stuff. You know, Presidential Stuff. If it’s Presidential, he knows how to do it! Must’ve been all that time he was a POW- he brings that up often enough, so it’s gotta be relevant.

He also thinks we’re all his friends, and who wouldn’t want a friend for President? Think of the perks! Personally, I’m going to see if I can borrow Air Force One to fly down to Mardis Gras next year.

For example, he knows how to win wars! He had five and a half years to think about war-winning strategies.

Kee-rist. This is like all those people who say on one they know voted for Bush. Well, you live in an insular world. Just look at a McCain rally. He may not have as many fanboys as Obama does, but the crowds are still cheering.

I’d be excited as all get-out. It would mean that Obama wasn’t in office!

By the way, that whistling sound you just heard was Clothahump completely missing the entire point of this thread.