Is anyone planning on NOT following the election returns tonight? Or at least...

…is anyone ambivalent about following the returns closely. IOW are you wanting to avoid the “death by a thousand paper cuts” that was the 2016 election that yielded our so-called president?

I would like to go into a coma and wake up about noon tomorrow with most (if not all) races decided. I dread reliving that sick, sick feeling that washed over me when I woke up to the results of the 2016 election.

There are plenty of places to keep up with the returns, even though I don’t get live TV any more (just my Roku). Besides here, there’s an active sub on Reddit. There’s tons of online coverage. There’s always NPR. At lunch today, some friends were talking about leaving a TV in the house tuned to the election returns, but not the main room, and to keep the sound off. So you could peek into the room from time to time and catch a glimpse without watching the blow-by-blowjob (as it were).

I’m going to a class in a little while, so at least I’ll have the option of looking at coverage removed for two hours.

Who else is suffering ambivalence and anxiety?

I’m kinda there; I’m delaying turning on the television and am looking just at this site (as opposed to breaking news) online, at the moment. I do have some anxiety about it all. If the states have been hacked, we could see “a GOP sweep,” and that would mean we’re about to hear that a certain someone is President-for-Life.

But I’ll probably give in to curiosity and go watch, hoping the hacking is sparse and ineffective. I’ll go with PBS, maybe, as they will be less excitable than CNN and MSNBC. (FOX is right out.)

I can wait; the Dope will tell me all about it tomorrow. Me not knowing immediately certainly isn’t going to change anything.

So far yes. I’m just watching movies right now.

I’ve got several races from the NYT site open, but I’m going to spend a couple of hours watching The Haunting of Hill House.

I tried to avoid it in favor if a date with the gf. Turns out she has the flu, so I am going to be obsessing about the returns for sure.

It’s not like its a [insert sports here] game where the activities tonight actually matter for the results. It’s just a weird media fueled obsession with getting all news as fast as possible, even when the first 11 times is little better than asking a lady with a crystal ball what happened. Which would be fine if there wasn’t a way, waiting for a few hours, to get the precise results.

I’m avoiding as much news as possible.

Caveat. I’ve watched other political voting news carefully in the past, but that was before every election became a plebiscite for or against make-up-your-own-facts populism.

I have pretty much never “watched” an election live, for the reason naita mentions. I don’t understand the desire to keep up with the tallying live… the results will be there in the end, and it’s not like anything that ‘happens’ now has an effect on what ‘happens’ later.

I’ll keep up with what’s going on via friends’ posts on Facebook until I go to bed, but have minimal interest in election night punditry or the slow reveal.

Well, overall it is like a game. Games have winners and losers. Managing the country should not be carried out in that fashion.

Which is why I intend to studiously avoid tonight’s coverage. Somehow.

I’m watching.

One thing that sucks about watching election night coverage (if you’re a democrat) is the fact that dense urban areas tend to turn in their vote returns later than the rural areas.

So in the beginning and middle, the republican will lead (in a close race) because the rural areas turned in their ballot counts first, but then at the end of the race when all the urban areas turn in their ballots, the democrat will start catching up.

So its a goddamn rollercoaster. I remember when Doug Jones won in Alabama. For the entire race, Moore had the lead. But then at the end of the night, there were about a half dozen high population counties that started turning in ballots at about a 2-1 margin for Jones, and he won the race in the end.

I just glanced at the news on youtube, it appears the same is happening in Florida. It is a tie, but dense urban areas haven’t turned in their ballots yet and those tend to be democratic strongholds.

I’m watching from Texas North!

I love election results.
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I tend to skip most of it for similar reasons. For me, a lot of the coverage is a bit like watching a game where I don’t identify strongly with either team. While I’m a Republican my partisan identification is really weak even before the party shifted in the last couple of years. I’ve never cast a straight party ticket vote in a general election. That didn’t change today. Candidates closer to my touch right of center politics who seem to track with my views on the big issues facing the job they are running for, get my vote. A lot of the coverage just falls into tribalistic Team Red vs Team Blue tallies that are essentially meaningless to me.

The Democrat who won the close House Race may be someone I would have enthusiastically supported and voted for as a nominal Republican. Alternatively, they might be a clueless fuckwit or a sith lord metaphorically running for Chancellor. I don’t live there. I didn’t track every race nationwide. I don’t know if I’m happy, upset, or indifferent to their win.

I haven’t checked in all day. All I saw so far was that Pritzker beat Rauner in our local governor’s race, which I didn’t really care all that much about, because one fucking plutocrat or another, who gives a shit. I voted Pritzker, but if Rauner won, I would’ve been fine with it. (OK, it’s more than that. It’s also Democrat machine/Michael Madigan politics vs non-machine Madigan politics which is the only reason I would ever vote Republican in Illinois, but I don’t think it’s a bad vote.)

I’m binge watching Parks and rec. The results will be there in the morning.

I’m watching. I feel like I’m under attack. I’m stressed out of my mind, but I can’t stop.

how are things going? I can’t look!

I’m going to watch The Durrells in Corfu instead.

I’m trying my best to avoid any news tonight. Tomorrow will be soon enough, whether it’s good news or bad.

I’m out of the country on vacation, so haven’t been following things thus far, but just got back to the hotel and was trying to check in. Anyone have a good, mobile-friendly link to get up-to-speed on what’s happened so far?

Aarrrggg! Why am I torturing myself?