Is he dead yet?

It’s been something like 12 hours now since the attack on what the US military command believed to be the building where Saddam was. Yes, there’s been a broadcast by a person looking a great deal like him, but the photo analysts are apparently still undecided on his identity. Gotta look for other hints, then.

Iraqi counterattacks have been localized and not clearly coordinated, as if commanded by local officers on their own initiative. None of the nasty stuff we’ve been told about has been used, although, if it exists, it represents Saddam’s only effective response and he would certainly order it if he had it, right?

So I’m betting the attack got him, and it will be very interesting to know how that tidbit of intelligence was obtained. Whaddaya think?

I think they got him too

It should be fairly obvious how they got it.

Yesterday we started a rumor that this high ranking member of Saddam’s inner circle was defecting and that this proved that Saddam had no loyalty.

Saddam sitting in his secret bunker gets very pissed, and so he tells the high ranking member to go out to the tv station and tell everbody he’s not defecting.

Over at the tv station our special forces dude follows the guy back to the bunker, and, voila! they’ve found Iraq’s secret C & C complex.

Special forces dude paints it with a laserdot and that’s all she wrote.


I am sure it would be ALL over all news channels if so.

This whole line of reasoning baffles me. If Saddam were dead, what motivation do the remaining generals have for continuing resistance? They’re far better off negotiating, and if they’ve survived Saddam’s cutthroat regime, they’re astute enough to realize it.

If the guy in the tape isn’t Saddam, my bet would be that the strike injured Saddam, but didn’t kill him, and he didn’t want to let anyone know how close it had been.

Maybe they don’t know yet, due to some would-be successor’s own plans combined with a grip on communications? Or their own devotion to defending their country against an invader?

Yeah, I don’t get it.

Even if Saddam is dead - so what?

What changes for the coalition forces on the ground? As long as the “regime” continues to put up a coordinated resistance, the job is not finished.

…naaah. I think we missed.

Lets shoot him again just to be sure.

I’m afraid we missed him, but we just missed him!. I heard he hates wearing his glasses and never before has made a speech while wearing them. This time IMHO he had to leave so fast that he forgot his contacts. As to the rest of his appearance, I’d guess it scared him shitless.
[ul]:stuck_out_tongue: [sup]And how about that dumbass speech?[/sup][/ul]

One interesting possibility is if the regime announces that Saddam and his immediate associates are dead or under arrest and that it is willing to accept the inspectors but will continue to resist any US invasion.

Then what? If the US continues fighting it will become even more isolated diplomatically.

He’s alive…
I think everyone over estimates the Intellegence community considering these are the same guys that blew the discovery of 19 men preparing to hijak and fly planes into buildings. This nonsense about doubles making speeches are nonsense used to cover up that they F’d up getting him and lost their element of surprise.

First of all, the idea of Saddam using one of his many doubles to deliver a speech isn’t terribly far-fetched. Another possibility is that Saddam pre-recorded the speech, to be delivered after the war had begun, but the fact that he was wearing glasses and sans make-up does imply that it was a rush job, and thus done live. Unless, of course, Saddam is shrewd enough to pre-record a speech and deliberately make himself look like he was rushed.

Second, what surprise? We told Saddam the exact day and time that we were going to be attacking. If our goal was surprise, we did a pretty shitty job.

My guess: We missed Saddam, but that message was pre-recorded. Saddam is currently in hiding. We will have taken control of Iraq long before we find Saddam, if we ever do. Not that it matters much - if Saddam is hiding in a cave somewhere for the rest of his days, he may as well be dead.