Is it always summer on Corner Gas?

I’ve noticed that in every episode of Corner Gas it seems to summer. The show is set and filmed in Saskatchewan, thousands of kilometres from the nearest ocean. So why don’t the seasons ever change? Is it filmed only during summer or spring? Has any episdoe been set during the winder (I don’t recall an Xmas episode)?

Season 2 had a Fall episode (Harvest Dance), Season 3 had a Christmas episode (Merry Gasmas). So, no, it isn’t always Summer in Saskatchewan.

It always is summer in Saskatchewan. That’s why we don’t have Daylight Savings Time here - there are no seasons.

Probably because nobody wants to watch a show set in Saskatchewan in the winter. Staying inside and in front of a fire when it’s -40 outside isn’t all that interesting.

Sure there are. Winter and construction.

It was even summer when somebody won tickets to the Grey Cup.

Well, the original title was “Greenhouse Gas”.

Then you’re doing it wrong. However, that would be a rather different genre of video. :wink:

I coulda swore they joked about this in one season opener. Something about how they’d all been gone for 6 months (thus acknowledging the fact that it was once again summer).

Ring any bells?

It’s because they always film in the summer - they’re filming the last season right now. Usually runs for about four months - June to September at Rouleau, Saskatchewan.

The Grey Cup episode in the first season was the most jarring. I went to that Grey Cup - it was grey and overcast and cold. Nothing like that bright blue, early fall day that Brent and Lacey spent hiking around in the country side.

Any clue why this is the last season? It’s a great show, is it not getting the ratings that it needs up there?

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