Is it "Bring a Dope to the Dope Week"?

And I didn’t know about it?

Some dude is complaining in GD because he’s harmed by “Girls Gone Wild” and by girls wanting to have sex with him.

Thirteen-year-olds are saying it’s okay for 5-10% of women to die seeking abortion. Oh, and don’t forget asking if slaves were lucky or if God hates sissies.

The ever stunningly clueless thinking that Dick Cheney defends people’s rights (plus extra ellipses, because they… make any point… more effective…)

Curtis LeMay is everywhere, raindog (like always) is going nowhere fast, and my god, if SmartAlx isn’t someone burning off a sock by presenting the board with “Starving Artist, Jr.” then I weep for humanity.

Oh, to hell with it. I’ll weep for humanity tomorrow. I’ll point and laugh at this chuckleheads today.

I just want to point out to these youngsters that it’s okay to swear here. You don’t need to say “####” or use any other symbols to convey bad words. You can say fuck, shit, ass, bitch, cunt, shoo-be-dee-doo-wop, skippity-bebop, a-Christopher Reeve, Sonny Bono, skis, horses and hittin’ some trees, and whatever else you want to, as long as it’s not directed at another person. Aside from that, please swear away. Your grandmother is not watching you.

Even if she is, she can use those words, too. Fire when ready, Grandma!

You could even say “santorum”.

Someone should let SmartAlx know that we are all exposed to a wide variety of things we don’t really approve of or want in our lives. That doesn’t mean that we get to force others to live the way we want them too.

Christians affect me by having their churches on every corner and their preachers on TV all the time. Does that mean they affect me so much that I get to tell them to stop being Christian? What if my boyfriend breaks up with me because I’m not Christian? (That’s happened to me.) Do I get to claim that Christians are bad now?

Who is the cable company to dictate to SmartAlx? They are infringing on his rights by allowing him to access the Playboy Channel when he calls and asks them to (generally on Saturdays at 11 pm).

Anyway - no, it is not “bring a dope to the Dope week.” However, starting this Monday, it will be “Take a Worm for a Walk Week”, for all the Karate Kid fans out there. Seriously - the scene where Bobby yells out the greatest insult of 1980s cinema takes place on the first day of school after Halloween (remember, Daniel’s pivotal beat-down and subsequent rescue by Miyagi occurs right after the Halloween Dance at the high school.) So, it literally will be Take a Worm for a Walk Week. Everyone should celebrate by wearing their matching Cobra Kai motorcycle jackets and riding a dirt bike to work.

I would say you got off easy.

Yeah, a lot of guys would kill you for that.

May I just say that after all this time I get someone with a substantially similar username around here and it has to be that fucking stupid a person. FML.

Also, thirteen year old boys don’t get to have an opinion about abortion until they’re at least old enough that it might possibly be something other than totally academic for them.

Sorry the idiots are out, jsgoddess. I’m just here taking a break from the sock storm over at the 'Raffe! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good god, I hope someone did laundry first.

From SmartAlx link above: “I don’t want sitcoms to portray the belief that sex should be a normal part of dating.”

Damn you Ginger!, You too Mary Ann! For the wasted years of my youth.

Ward, you really must have “that talk” with the Beaver.

Trust me, with the way people are carrying on it’ll be much wiser and much less work to wash the socks AFTER the weekend!

Fuck, no yuk, grossout or barf smilies–what kind of ghetto message board is this again?

But never, ever, “semprini.”

And it’s a good thing, too. She’d be ashamed at my lack of swearing ability, since she could cuss the screen off a door.

That’s a great phrase- mind if I steal it?

Too late. Mine. Back off.

That’s how you celebrate Take a Worm for a Walk Week? That’s a little counter-intuitive.

If you haven’t noticed, Curtis LeMay does nothing but post obscurely banal hypothetical questions with obvious answers. Some of us here have… theories about him, that aren’t to be talked about in public.

But y’know when I was thirteen I was an opinionated, obnoxious, little shit, who thought I knew best too!

I have a theory that without that misplaced know-it-all confidence we’d never make it to 18 yrs.

Them’s some difficult years, in between 13 and 18. And maybe, just maybe, the universe gives us that, let’s call it bravado, so we’ll make it through to the more circumspect age of 18. Wherein we are still pretty full of ourselves and perhaps even still overconfident, but have stopped believing we know everything about everything, especially as it pertains to things which we have no actual life experience with.