is it for real??

my boy donny was teling me this Sapainish Flee stuff wood get the fly hottys all nasty on me an stuff!!! Is it for reall i toled yo dopes about my date on sat she is the jiggity an i want her HHHHHHHHOOOOOTTTTtt!! Dose it work like donny sez and where do I get sum???

Loverock, that stuff works better than you could ever imagine. In fact, I have some bottles here that I would be willing to sell you for $25/ounce. If you’re interested, let me know. I know the price is kind of high, but it’s definitely worth it!

I’m pretty sure Spanish Flea works like Spanish Fly without the wings

relly?? sell it to me buudddy! i want all of id, how much does it tale? how much toe make my hotttchick hot for me? imean shes hot t but i want to make sure she wants it cause she dos cause i;'m the looooooverooooock


Does your babe understand Spanish? If not, forget about the Spanish Fly–it won’t work. If you want to get her hot, trying singing to her. Perhaps a love ballad or something. A little air-guitar wouldn’t hurt either.

heyy yall i herd ther wuz a littel bitty orgen cald the brane an i wuz wundrin do we stil no how to uze it if so y du we tawk to peepul like loverock.? ? me to, iam gillty uv this, ! so go figgur.

      • I always advise people who ask about this stuff, that you should start small and work up to the heavy artillery. You might not need to spend nearly so much money to complete your mission. For instance, lose the Garanimals , , - MC

Loverock, you don’t need any Spanish Fly (or Flee) for your date. Just make sure she’s completely inflated before you begin relations.

good one.

Rockster, I think Spanish Flea is just the thing for you. Go to any record store and use the code name “Herb Alpert”. If they don’t have any Spanish Flea, ask them for some Tijuana Taxi.

President of the Vernon Dent fan club.

Flea…from the Red Hot Chili Peppers? I didn’t think he was Spanish.

Isn’t there an Offspring song that relates a little here “Pretty Fly…” (making an assumption).

sumboddy tolled me thet hot pepers wuz a sex-shual stimmulent.; i put sum peper sause on mi pekker an it made me hot allrite butnot in a good way, !

My advise to you is to grind up the peppers into a paste, then apply it to your eyes, mouth, and nose. Talk about a new sensation!

guy, I’m new, can you answer a question…
is tennhippie making fun of numbnuts, or is that how they talk/write?

"the sex was so good, the neighbours needed a cigarette! ’

Well, since TennHippie previous posts have all been lucid, legible and properly spelled, I’m guess he’s making fun of the Lover of Ock.

President of the Vernon Dent fan club.

just wondering…
thanks frank, BTW, I love that name, my youngest is named Frankie (Francis)…I call him ‘my Frankie Angel’, corny I know.

OK, quit picking on the kid! He’s just asking questions we have all had to ask. So what if his spellchecker dose’t work? He is only looking to us for THE STRAIGHT DOPE! Together we can shape him into a fine upstanding Doper! BTW, is it love-rock or lover-ock? Be nice to the kid! Carl


you want to make her hott for you??? try some brandy

Life is like a box of chocolate, melts in your mouth not in your hands

Carl Berry’s right we need to give the boy some good advice.

Things will get hot and heavy and you won’t want to spare a moment to put a condom on so, I advise you to to put it on before your date. Chicks dig dudes who plan ahead.

(My apologies to whoever wrote “Porky’s”)

There was a little Spanish flea.
A record star he thought he’d be.
He heard of singers like Beatles,
The Chipmunks he’d seen on TV.
Why not a little Spanish flea?

And so he hid inside a dog…