Is it me, or is this day moving along slow as molasses?

One hour fifty-four minutes until I can duck out of work and go vote. Six hours fifty-four minutes until the polls close and useful election coverage starts.

Time has stood still. Post here if you can think of nothing else and just want to get the hell out of work to go watch CNN.

I voted on my way in to work, but yes, this day is going way too slowly. I’m going to try to not glue myself to the tv though, and only check in periodically - until about 11 when undoubtedly I’ll be glued to the tv :smiley:

It is going really slowly!

Oh, and I miss being in CA, when election results would start coming in at 5pm. Now I have to wait till 8.

I went shopping at lunch. That always helps pass time. :slight_smile:

Kind of slowly, but I think it’s because I got up early today. I’m still tapping my feet from the free Starbucks (holy heck do they make some STRONG coffee up at 1890 Park!) and it’s a busy day over here.

Lunch in another hour and a quarter. Out of work at 7. Over to the election night party after that, where I’m making oven-fried potato chips and watching the returns on a huge-screen TV. :slight_smile:

CNN isn’t really showing anything. It’s a lot of “it’s quiet and orderly here at this pollling place. How is it over there?”

If by “day”, you mean, “the last six plus months”, then, yes.

Off-topic, but I just noticed your location. Nice.:wink:

Molasses will at least exhibit some movement, on occasion.

Oddly, I expected to spend today feeling anxious, but I actually feel quite calm. Still, this whole week has been… in… slow… … moti…on.

Yep. The day’s going really slow. First 1 O’clock, now closer to three…

Oh wait… You’re not talking about the Warcraft patch, are you?

…Never mind. :slight_smile:

I expected to be glued to reading all sorts of amazing things that were or are currently happening, but they got nothin’.

I get to leave work two hours early (We get “time off to vote” at my company), and this day is still going by super slowly.

I keep checking hoping for some results, even though I know that the earliest polls don’t close for over 3 more hours. AHHHHHHHHH!

I don’t have TV, so I’ll be counting on internet news for results tonight.

Refresh! Refresh! Refresh!

I’ve been keeping myself occupied by reading the Dope and playing games. Still… pass, time, pass!