Is it only me or ...?

When I went thru Byzantine’s description of her ONS in the “The dreaded ONS” in the BBQ pit, I must confess: it gave me one heck of a hard-on.
Is it only me or is the fantasy of a straight woman going bi for a day a common one?

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See, now you’re making me go to the Pit to check this out…

It must just be you…I don’t like sharing.

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Common ¢ for all ages.

headed for the pit too…

ok, I’m back…if the right situation presented itself/herself I would go bi for a day.
And it is definately a mans turn on!..

But let me ask you though…how many men would admit to wanting to try sex with the same gender?

and I dont mean Quadell, or matt_mcl, or Bjorn…
(kidding about Bjorn… :slight_smile: )

Oh, I would have no problem with an affair with another woman–But if no other woman has appealed to me by this stage in my life, I just don’t think it’s gonna happen. Quite frankly, at this point, damn few men appeal to me, either . . .

Nope, sorry, I wouldnt dream of a sexual relationship with another man. emotional suppost from a man is a must, but thats it.

But I do fantasize about two women ALL the time…I dont care if you think I am a hypocrite.

Now, only if Byzantine would talk…

I would echo Flora’s statement. Well, except replace woman with man.
Oh, and change the last line from
“damn few men appeal to me”
“I appeal to damn few women”
Oh, and take out that part about this stage, it still might happen. who knows.
So, I guess thats not quite an echo. but close.

Thats probably how I feel for a one time affair, I don’t quite know about an ongoing thing, I am not real sure about that, for whatever reason.


Why DO men get turned on by the thought (or description, or sight) of two women going at it? I asked a man about that once and he didn’t know why, it was just “a thing”. But I’ve never known a girl that would be turned on by two guys having sex…I know I wouldn’t be! Does anyone know/have a reason?

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We’ve touched on this before. Men can be turned on by a purely visual thing. Women need touching.

Thanks for getting everyone to read my post! Does this make me famous now? Would have posted sooner folks but I’m working on a new project with a tight deadline. Anyway, I wouldn’t call myself gay/straight or even bi. I think I like human. I’m attracted to PEOPLE. I don’t care if they are tall/short/thin/fat/black/white or green with yellow polka dots. It’s the kind of person they are that attracts me.

Sometimes I’m attracted by thoughts of friendship sometimes it’s purely sexual. It depends. And I too get turned on by thinking about two women. I also get that way about two men. Or a man and a woman. What turns me on is picturing them entwined in a loving embrace. Not in pain or dominance, just feeling good. Yeah, that’s a turn on.

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I think the visual stimulation Rich Hall mentioned is a big factor. That’s only speculation on my part because the idea of two women together does nothing to turn me on. (I’ve encountered both descriptions and photos, so I’m not just taking some wierd stand on principle.) Even the idea of two women and me is not really exciting. :::shrug::: I apparently missed some of the “typical guy” wiring.


I’ve also wondered if it’s almost impossible in this culture to be a woman and not be attracted to other women…sorta. Given the way movies are filmed, we’re almost always placed in the male’s role. We see things, mostly, from a male’s perspective. We see the woman completely naked. We see the woman’s face when she climaxes. Naked views of the male are rare as are views of his face while he climaxes and then, when they do show his face, sometimes it’s to show how comedically stupid he looks (you know, when they show the crossing their eyes or what have you). On the radio, classic radio stations often have recorded sounds of a woman climaxing but I don’t recall hearing recordings of a man. While I’m on the “heterosexual” side of the scale, I definitely am turned on by women in movies because I grew up associating seeing the in sexual situations on TV so much. Alot of the time, you don’t really even see the guy. You just know he’s there.

Interesting subject. Maybe I’ll study this in grad school :). Anyway, for me to consider going bi, it would take one damn incredible woman. I’m sure it could happen but it hasn’t yet. While I’m in a committed realtionship, it won’t. Now, just based on looks, if Jodi Foster (she may very well have the type of personality I like too. She’s smart as a whip and I love that) or Ashley Judd (I was more attracted to her character in “Kiss the Girls”) showed up on my doorstep and tried to sweep me off my feet, I’d be damn tempted. Yeah, that’ll happen ;).

Not bi. Not straight. Not gay.
Just sexual. :).

Slythe you nailed that right on the head! Wish I could sum up like that since I tend to be long winded in my posts. Sometimes not long winded enough for some people … I’ve been asked to expand on that particular post in question. Maybe I could start a web site called, “all about my wild sexual adventures” or something. Charge 5 bucks to get in. Nah, too much free porn out there.

Actually I know of a LOT of straight women who get turned on by gay guys. Ever heard of slash? It’s fan fiction (mostly written by str8 women) about gay pairings in TV shows and the like.

Animé featuring innocent schoolboys falling in love with each other is very popular with middle-aged women in Japan.

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