Is it too soon to start the list of crappy Xmas gifts you got?

Nope. It’s time.

A box of salted caramels, which I usually like, but these have huge pieces of salt on them, I mean like a whole bunch of 1/16" cubes. All you get is salt. Besides, after months and months of staying home, candy?? Really??

A thermal mug that says “I no habla fucktardo.” Where the hell am I going to carry that?

5 lbs. of chocolate truffles. I like them, but seriously? That’s a whole lotta truffles.

You could share.
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My one sister insists on giving everyone gifts, even tho we agreed ages ago not to exchange. She shops at the dollar store. This year’s offering is a terry cloth wrist band with a zipper pocket - I guess to carry ID while you run.

We don’t run. Ever. And our jeans have pockets. At least she didn’t waste a lot of money on them. And she’s broken from her past years of giving us tacky dollar store ornaments that have gone directly to the thrift store. (We told her 16 years ago we don’t put up a tree, yet every year she gave each of us a be-glittered bauble.)

I got a lot of chocolate. It’s not ideal, but I can find it a good home. The one that kind of bugged me was an ugly coffee mug. The thing is, the gifter isn’t someone who was obligated to get me anything and truthfully doesn’t like me much. Now I have this object and nowhere to put it. Why was this necessary?

I too received a cheap ornament in a cheap mini stocking. Not my thing, guess it gave the gifter pleasure. I decided not regift it, basically it’s trash to me imo. But to thrift store it will go.

I am part of the training department. For good reasons we didn’t have much in-house training this year.

So they are trying to get rid of all the chocolate that is normally given out to the trainees. I don’t particularly like it, and neither does my husband. Normally I can take it back to work, and there are plenty of people to take care of it. So the reason I have the chocolate and can’t re-gift it, is the same.

And it’s probably close to one year old, since we normally order only enough for a few months, as the place which makes them is just in the next town.

I’m wondering if I can melt it down, add cocoa powder to increase the chocolate content and then make pudding. Haven’t found a recipe, but I might try it anyway.

Roommate gave me a candy-cane stick about 3/4 inch by eight inches. Make a decent sex toy, but as far as actually eating…no. Waited till roomie was gone and buried it deep in the trash.

(Thought about smashing it into edible chunks with a hammer… Nah… Too much work…)

Ooh, that is bad.

The plot thickens. We still don’t know who sent them. They were professionally sealed inside a candy company’s box (actually, a box, with 4 smaller boxes inside, each with 2 sealed packs of truffles). So they were ordered by someone, but no return address anywhere.

To add to the mystery, 40 years ago I went by the “kid-version” of my first name, and these are addressed that way. (Example: “Ricky” instead or “Richard”). They were addressed only to me, not to the family. We’ve asked everyone we can think of, with no results.

Water buffalo Momos! (Nepalese dumplings!) with thick hot curry sauce!

Just kidding! HaHaHa!

NOT a crappy gift! We actually expect to adore these, as our friend assures us they are very delish!

We’re still eating turkey though!

My kid gave my wife a plastic coffee tumbler with a Starbuck’s look-a-like logo, featuring Lewis Black and the slogan “Go Fuck Yourself”.

Nice. :unamused:

This is a huge pet peeve of mine. Every Christmas, I receive a gift box of candy or nuts with absolutely no indication of who sent it. This year it was a nut tray. The address label on the box had a common misspelling of my first name.

You might want to check the shipping box again, if you still have it. Some of the “edible gifts” companies put the gift message, if any, on the outside of the box—it will say something like “peel here to see gift message.”

I’ll happily take them off your hand. My wife and I have one truffle each after dinner every day. A pound is a 30 day supply.


After telling my husband - no candy this year please, he bought me a giant box of chocolate covered cherries, a variety box of chocolates and a bag of Reese’s Dark Thins. The cherries are kind of a tradition for us but I didn’t need a GIANT box. A standard box would have been fine. I like all of it but I don’t need to be eating all of it. I’ll have to pace myself. I allow myself one piece after each meal and that’s it.

And no, it wasn’t bought because I told him no or being mean-spirited. He gave me other nice gifts so all of the candy was unnecessary. I think he panicked at one point and didn’t know what to buy me.

This is a weird story. I received a package from BuyBuy Baby from a woman I had never heard of. It was addressed to me, and what further confused me is that it was a starter baby item that we had no use for (we have a 9 month old.) A few days later said woman knocks on my door to tell me that her niece recently got married and now her Firstname Lastname is the exact same as mine, so the Aunt bought a gift off of my old baby registry by accident. By an odd coincidence we both live in the same county. I gave her the thing, and she said she ordered another thing and to call her when we received it so she could pick it up.

So the second thing arrived. It’s a nice bouncer for a baby just learning to sit up. We called the Aunt and she told us to just keep it as a gift. Merry Christmas! We now have a baby bouncer that my 9 month old son has no use for, and we have to figure out what to do with it. Which doesn’t feel like much of a gift.

I’m also slightly dejected that not only is there now another Firstname Lastname in the country (I’m the only one who ever comes up on Google), she lives really close to me. And because my last name is attached to an enormous Italian family, I’m going to be fielding “Are you related to so-and-so?” questions for the rest of my days. Well, even more than I already do.

Cringe! I’d be embarrassed to even have that in my house. Straight to the trash.

I grew up in a town that had another pullinFirstname/Lastname. We were unrelated and thankfully of different ethnicity. My namesharer was a “man of hot checks” and I ran into frequent problems trying to buy at various stores. When turned down, I could sometimes get the manager to summon the clerk who’d dealt with otherpullin and verify that I, most definitely, was not him. I managed to work around it, but it was still a PITA.

Here’s the set-up: As I’ve aged, my teeth have moved slightly so that eating certain foods leaves me in the position of needing a toothpick (or two or four). I travel quite a bit, and so I have mentioned that I need to get a travel toothpick holder. You know…a small cylinder that will hold a dozen toothpicks in a secure and sanitary condition.

My son-in-law gave me a toothpick holder with four titanium toothpicks in it. Now, first of all, they are hella-sharp and I’m not putting anything like that near my teeth. Second, who wants to pick their teeth and then put the soiled toothpick back in a container with the clean ones? Third, I have enough fillings that putting anything metal on them is like getting an electric shock. I have a hard enough time if I accidentally touch my teeth with a fork.

Fortunately, regular wooden toothpicks fit the container just fine.

I kind of want that mug and would pay for shipping.