Is it wrong to pity the Moro Islamic Liberation Front?

See, there they are in the Philippines, trying to get respect and power and such. And here comes the media, who refer to them by the obvious acronym, and that alone practically guarantees that they’ll get NO respect whatsoever in the United States.

Is that wrong? I’m not entirely sure…

Is it wrong to pity them? Probably. I understand they’re nasty buggers.

(snicker … Milf! … snicker)

I would pity them more for the fact that I misread their name as “Moron Islamic Liberation Front”.

If they had a savvy marketing arm, they could use this to their advantage.

“Excuse me, sir. Would you be interested in supporting MILF activity? Much of what they do is frowned on or targeted for legal action by various government groups. If you would like to see MILF continuing to do what they do best, won’t you please give whatever you are able?”

Also a website that collects money for “MILF in action” videos.

They’d quickly be the wealthiest terrorist organization in the world.

I dunno, the older I get, the more respect I have for MILFs.