is my boyfriend gay?

I have a serious question here…And now this isn’t a joke…My boyfriend is almost standoffish when it comes to sex…He is 42. Catholic, and was very withdrawn & shy when I met him…He is a deep thinker with alot of opinions and political views & cynacism to boot…But, I think he missed his sexual calling…He doesn’t act gay…And we kiss & stuff, but thats all…When I’ve brought it up (no pun intended) he says that I am so used to guys being after that & only that, that I don’t know a “true” caring…Any other time I’ve stroked (again no pun intended) the subject, he has gotten defensive & said that he’;s not the type to sleep around unless he knows it’s right…But he doesn’t even seem to get aroused when I sit on his lap…(once or twice after drinking he was a bit more responsive)…I think that he’s got a repressed or even latent homosexuality thing going. perhaps he doesn’t even know…Or he does know and that is why he was such a detached depressed person when I met him…Perhaps he can’t accept it, or is so disgusted with himself that he feels he should take his punishment of solitude and live it…He is verbally very against gays…He is very Conservative as is his dad…I don’t know what to think…I feel like a highschool boy, who can’t get the highschool girl to get naked…I don’t want to dump him, I want to give him time because part of me thinks he is just very lonely & shy!!! Should I stay & be patient, or go on to someone who will not have a hang up? I’ve been dating this guy for almost one year…My nights are lonely…I just turned 34…Am I wasting away precious “years of my prime”? I need input & suggestions from men & women…All my friends cant stand him & tell me to get away!!! But, being my friends, they are a bit biased…So outside opinions will help tremendously!!! Don’t be shy, I’m the one with the freakish problem!!!

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