Santa is overweight and has high blood pressure(red cheeks and nose) as well as smokes. His long white hair and beard hides his face and he is known to use different names (Santa and St. Nick for example). What is he hiding? Rearrange the name Santa and you get Satan. Both wear red also when you are bad Santa gives you coal (coal is for fire). Santa may be a pedophile (he spends his time watching little boys and girls). The elves are forced to work in sweatshop conditions. Finally, once a year Santa breaks into homes.

Does the topic have to be written in screaming capitals?

Does the topic have to be written?

Do I have to answer?

::Shaking head::

Yet another Canadian yelling to be heard…

Time to call out the big guns…

Hey! Ranger Jeff! There’s a Santa slammer here that needs to have his attitude adjusted!

Ignore Horaczek. Not only is his name hard to spell, but be is secretly plotting to overthrow the North Pole!

He is a Santa-versive!

Save The Endangered Jackalope! Send Cash Now! If You Do This, I Will Use The Cash To Save Any Jackalope That I Happen To Find! Send Cash Now! Before It’s Too Late! My Bills, I Mean The Jackalope’s Bills Are Due The 15th Of The Month!
This has been a message from the Illuminated Committee To Save The Jackalope. Fnord.

Daniel-Sssh! You were not suppose to tell anyone!..
Water seeks its own level. Booze goes right to the head.-Red Green

Ah, another ignorant post. S. Claus is NOT like that around the world. Some countries he is quite thin. Also some countries they call him St. Nick [try arranging that one]…other countries have their own names.

As for the US, S.Claus is a billions of dollars shopping symbol just the way he is. duh.

Rearrange the name Gary Horaczek and you get ‘hark crazy ego.’

Gary, you’re taking this PC crap a little too far. :wink:

Some drink at the fountain of knowledge…others just gargle.

I have no problem with him. I mean, right now I have a little couple of nieces and they’re just as sweet and happy as can be and seeing the world in all of the mystery, wonder and glory that we all seem to loose once we get past puberty.

I was real pissed off when a local couple of church groups started raising hell about Halloween being the devils night and then one of their teachers refused to let them have a Halloween party in school – which EVERY OTHER CLASS WAS HAVING – because he is a Christian and don’t believe in celebrating the Devils birthday. Hell, it aint no celebrating of the Devil for kids but a delicious and wonderful night to get all dressed up, maybe get a little wonderfully frightened, go out and see all of the funny decorations and lights and get as much candy as they can possibly get away with. My nieces don’t even think about the Devil during Halloween.

I’ve heard about some folks wanting to get rid of Santa also, but, hey, let the kids have their damn fun. As it is, the damn fuckers have gotten much of the Christmas parties, decorating and such toned down in the schools, many cities have cut back on the lavish decorating they used to do because of costs, and there are always those opposed to the holiday on religious reasons.

I actually think they just don’t want kids to have fun.

I like watching my nieces open their gifts under the tree on Christmas and I used to go look for Santa – my folks sneaky way to get us out of the house while they got the gifts out – by walking with my siblings and uncle down the street a bit and there always was one gift marked ‘from Santa.’ Hell, I discovered he wasn’t real on my own by deductive thinking and my nieces have almost decided that for themselves.

But, this Christmas I want to watch them all excited over Santa, the colorful lights, the music, the wonder and the majesty of it all.

Let it be, damn it. Why do so many folks have to go and try to spoil some kids innocent fun? The kids grow up too damn fast as it is. Let them enjoy their wonder while they can.

“Rearrange the name Santa and you get Satan.”

Santa Maria!