"Is she pretty?" Poll

Q: Is she pretty?

A: Not to me.

That’s my answer & I’m stickin’ to it.

I’ve been asked this question before, and it’s not always a setup. Sometimes it’s simple curiosity. I always answer honestly… If there’s any comeback (a rare event), I remind Intaglio where I sleep at night. That never fails to settle her worries.


The correct answer is an immediate “no” without hesitation.
The correct answer to “is she pretty” is “not as pretty as you”.

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I’m not in a relationship. If I were I would pretty much tell the truth:

a. She is prettyYes, I think she is.
b. She’s okay She’s OK, but not hot.
c. Nope, not by your standardsI don’t find her to be so. Perhaps others do.

**Do the odds of your SO meeting her color your answers?**No.

Having been married to **Rhiannon8404 **for 14 years, I have now reached the point where I can answer that question with 100% honesty.

Actually, she never asks “is she pretty”; she asks “so what does she look like?” And it’s out of curiosity rather than insecurity.

As Suburban Plankton mentioned, I generally ask, “What does she look like?” I’m a visually oriented person, and I like to have an idea what people may look like. I also ask this question when he mentions guy friends, coworkers, etc. I might follow it up with, "Well, is she pretty?"or “Is he cute?”

The answer I want is the truth. I want to know what the other person looks like and if they are attractive.

If he told me someone was not pretty and she totally was, I’d think he was being a geek. I’d probably say something like, “Dude, how could you think she’s not pretty? She’s totally pretty!”

So the correct response is to lie? Wow. Glad I’m in love with someone who likes me to be honest.

Eh. I thought the narration really damaged the film. It would have been a pretty decent adaptation other than that.

The proper answer is, “Yes/No (depending on the subject’s actual prettiness), compared to other people who aren’t you.”

Always use the qualifier, guys.

Whenever my wife asks me “is she pretty?” in regards to some female acquaintance or other, I like to answer, “Eh, I’d do her.”

Gotta keep my wife on her toes!

If I ask, it’s because I’m genuinely curious. And I expect an honest answer.

Guys, I’m surprised at you. The correct answer to any “Is she pretty?” question is “I don’t know. I’ve never thought about it.” Any other answer, positive or negative, will reveal you are checking out other women. And at some point that knowledge will be used against you.

And to respond to what some women are saying - yes, they do want you to answer honestly. But keep in mind that when a cop asks you “Did you murder the victim?” he wants you to answer honestly as well. Just because the questioner wants to hear your honest answer doesn’t mean it’s in your best interest to give it.

I love to turn it around and ask “What do you think of her?”

If she has a genuine interest in the female in question it probably not her looks she wants to rant about. So I just offer up the opportunity to express what she wants to rant about.

I’m a woman. I’ve been known to ask “Is she hot?” or “So, she must be hot” when my husband is describing a woman, largely because it comes through in the way he’s talking about her. Of course that’s not always physical hotness. Or if it’s a particularly striking physical or character beauty he may mention it. If it’s physical, and I’m going to meet her, he may very well warn me in advance so I may join in his admiration (or go, meh, if she’s not my type.)

If he said she wasn’t and I saw her and thought she was, I’d tend to put it down to different perceptions. We’ve had very different impressions of whether someone is lovely to look at in the past and I expect will in the future.

Apparently she must like you to be sanctimonious as well.

Since I have never, and never would, date a brain-dead woman, I don’t think I have to say anything for her to assume that. I would also assume, as I doubt I would date someone completely and totally lacking in a libido, that she would be checking out other guys.

I’ve never asked this, and I doubt I ever would. It’s a non sequitur if it’s irrelevant to why my SO’s mentioning her, and if it’s relevant, he’ll mention it.

Besides, my SO is a living, heterosexual male. Of course he finds other girls pretty. As long as he doesn’t act on it, it’s fine with me. I’m secure enough to not perceive every other pretty girl as a threat to my ego or my relationship.

I’d probably think, “Guess we have different ideas of ‘pretty’”, or “So much for that threesome.” I’m not about to accuse my SO of lying just because his opinion doesn’t match mine.

I don’t get why this is a point of controversy. Never had any problem discussing other people’s attractivness with any of my SOs.

It’s fun to talk about, sometimes. Of course, my GF thinks I’m either perverse, deranged, or a stone-cold liar, since I think Sarah Vowell is smoking hot, but your typical bimbo beauty standard puts me right off. :smiley:

‘Yeah she’s smokin’ hot!’

‘That. Is. My. Sister.’

Seriously, not to be an internet hero, but I really do answer that question honestly, every time. If it were an issue, the relationship wouldn’t get to the point of being serious in the first place.