Is the cuckold fantasy more common in England than America?

Some years ago I read a bunch of erotic stories - OK, not really read them, but mostly had my text-to-speech reader read them, which I found endlessly amusing. The stories came from a website called Sublime Directory. http://www. stories. Feel free to look at them for yourself. That link has no pictures, just naughty stories, but I broke it anyway.

Most of the stories seemed to have been written by British authors. The slang and spelling gave it away very easily. But one thing I noticed was that lots of them - maybe even the majority of them - involved cuckoldry. They were usually written from the perspective of a man who goes out of his way to set up an encounter between his wife and another man, almost always some big stud (often black or ‘exotic’ in some other way); the man then either watches it happen, or joins in himself (almost always in a subservient role to both the woman and the other man.) The stories usually end with the wife becoming pregnant with the other man’s child, and the cuckold narrator being absolutely thrilled with it.
Warning: Examples Below. Naughty (but not really explicit) Language.**

Is this mostly a British thing? The whole fascination with having one’s wife worked over by another, more virile man? I can’t say I’ve encountered this kink in America or heard much about it. But then, I don’t really spend time reading American erotic stories.

It is almost as weird as the word pgnant. :confused:

Never encountered it myself, but I guess it’s not the sort of thing the average person advertises.

I notice that on all sorts of perverse message boards and story sites. Australians, too. Not just cuckoldry.

When I was younger and used to ahem “read” Gentlemen’s Magazines, I did notice that the British titles often seemed to have Reader’s Letters* in which a said reader would share their wife/girlfriend with another friend/male complete stranger; certainly far more often than I’d see them in American magazines.

I recall one in which the writer had encouraged their wife to go and shag their mate who’d been working on an oil rig in the North Sea for months, and got off on her describing it to him in great detail afterwards (which was, of course, why he’d decided to share it with the readers of that particular magazine).

The sort of letters involving “sharing” in the American magazines usually seemed to involve threesomes; I don’t recall there being many (if any) such letters in American magazines in which the participants frolicked sans prophylactic in the full knowledge (nay, expectation) that they would finish inside the wife/girlfriend and get her pregnant; whereas I do recall such a theme in numerous letters to British magazines.

An interesting OP topic, that’s for sure…

*Yes, even as a teenager I knew they were either largely or completely fictitious

I haven’t heard of this being particularly commonplace as a UK fantasy; is it possible that all four stories are written by the same author, perhaps under different names (I haven’t accessed the website)?

Not at all a predominantly British thing. If you search and literotica, you will find tons of stories on this subject which are not IME chiefly British in origin.

It is worth noting that the erotic story scene tends to have some extremely prolific authors, so a couple of prolific Britons on your site might skew things.

Are you sure the site itself isn’t skewed that way?

I’d suspect that most of those are actually from the same author, given the common use of “pgnant”, unless it’s some sort of oft-used shorthand (and honestly, I can’t imagine that it would be. It eliminates 2 letters, for Og’s sake).

I’ve seen similar stories on Literotica, but I’ve no idea about their author’s nationality.

It appears to be quite strong in the States too:

Questions of nationality aside, I think these men secretly wish they were in their wives’ places. That’s the fantasy. Not the horrific picture of some brute grinding on your beloved.

Same author, would not be stunned with amazement from his references if he was a West Indian.

I think there’s a few elements to it. That’s one.

I think part of it is also wanting to feel like your wife is “wilder” and “lustier” than she might seem.

And some people really dig feeling humiliated or powerless.

And some guys just really like to watch.

It’s also worth noting that there’s a bit of a distinction between a “sharing” fantasy and actual “cuckold” fantasy. The latter always involves humiliation, often unprotected / “risky” play, and sometimes involves some male-to-male play (generally as a form of degradation). The former is broader and needn’t include any of the former.