Is The On-Line Game Bubbletown Based on a Cartoon?

I recently discovered a fun little time waster on-line game called Bubbletown:

The little characters seem to have personalities, and there seems to be some sort of theme to the ‘story’. I was just wondering if the game is based on a cartoon, or maybe vice-versa?

Well… alrighty then. This is 2 threads I started in a row without a single reply. Glad it wasn’t a need to know fast issue.

Seems to be a rather stock (though pretty gimmicky) clone of Bust-A-Move/Snood to me. I’d be surprised if the “characters” are anything other than quickly made stock types.

Maybe the folks in the Game Room will know.

twickster, Cafe Society moderator

I liked the online game well enough to buy the full version, which has its own self contained (if slightly lame) story. The different “borbs” (characters) are sort of riffs on character archetypes and the “lumps” are evil invaders from outer space who attacked the borbs’ peaceful town for no apparent reason.

In the paid version it starts off with easy levels which get progressively harder, and you make your way around town (there are different backgrounds and everything for each part of town, it’s pretty cool) and fight bosses along the way.

And because I’m enjoying being the expert on something absolutely unimportant way too much :smiley:

The characters are:
Mary Ann (red): The Borb next door
Pearl (white goth looking one): She just wants to be alone with her music
DJ (green dinosaur guy):Thick as a brick, but does have a six pack (his abs presumably, but I personally think whoever came up with this stuff had a couple six packs of their own beforehand :stuck_out_tongue: )
Frank (blue): Wants to be mayor of Borb Bay. Has a phobia of rubber :confused:
Effie (purple): Easy like Sunday morning
Sandy (gray): Bit of a megalomaniac, but don’t call him bucket head

Thank you for that insight! I really enjoy this little game and the characters always seemed to me to have ‘personalities’ but I couldn’t find any info on them on line. I may eventually buy the full game myself!

It’s pretty fun, with the extra artwork and some catchy music. You can play it on MSN Games as well, and sometimes they sell their games for half price.