Is The Straight Dope international?

I know the site is US based, but as an English person living in Germany, I wonder if there are many posters from outside of America.

Yes, we have posters from all over the world … anyplace there’s internet access …

Define “many”. Do we have any actual statistics? I seriously doubt it, but I think most are Americans, and if I had to hazard a guess, I’d say 20% non-American.

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Pretty obviously, it is restricted to English speakers only. I would add to that; those with an above average command of the language.

I would think; somewhere between 10% and 20%. There are some Americans living in other countries too.

The majority of posters are from the US, but we have many from Canada, Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. There are a few like me who post from Latin America, and we have a smattering of people in East Asia.

We have thousands of posters from Bangladesh, but they usually don’t last longer than one post.:wink:

And a select few from the Middle East.

Plus a few with a total-dipstick-level command of the language. :wink:

That’s quite a stroll down the memory hole. I had to go along way to find a name I recognized and I’ve been here since only 2 years after that thread ran its course.

Then again, I’ve never been big on the Pit nor the denizens thereof.

The very first response in that thread was from jayjay, who posts here all the time. You didn’t recognize him?

I posted from Bangkok for almost 10 years before returning to the US this past August, and there are a few other posters still in Thailand, of various nationalities.

Actually I did skip over jayjay in post#2. And Smeghead in #3. :smack:

After that it was enderfw24 in #10 and bup in #11. And a couple more after that.

What’s interesting about that thread is it’s a Pit thread from 15 years ago with only 1 banned participant. Usually the way to ID an ancient thread is the high number of banned posters. The more emotional the forum the more that’s true.

Alexa has a breakdown of traffic for the SDMB, listing the top 5 countries by numbers of visitors

That leaves 22.7% from the rest of the world.

More interesting stuff on that link. Apparently search engines account for 37.5% of visits to the site. It gives a rather bizarre list of top 5 keywords searched which brought people here.

Now that’s just plain weird! (BTW no info as to when this data was taken).

“Three eighty five”? I guess that’s dyslexics looking for election predictions?

Zeldar needs to do a data request thread!

That was my guess as well.

I’ve been inside the Spruce Goose … what a small world …

I am US expat living in Angola, so that is another data point for you. For what it’s worth, I was born in Germany. :smiley:

Are they that small? BTW, most of us keep our pervy habits out of our posts.


That totally looks like Side B of some Radiohead album or other. :wink: