Is There A Term For This Type Of Sex?

When a person gets a colostomy, an opening called a ‘stoma’ is created in the person’s abdominal region, from which they can expel their feces.

Assuming that the diameter of the stoma is sufficiently large to accommodate a penis, what do you call this type of sex?

Without the correct term, I can’t run a Google search.



I’ll second the “disgusting.” AFAIK, stomas don’t have the nerve endings present in the anus, so I can’t imagine it would be enjoyable to the receiver - probably unpleasant, actually. I’ve never met a person with a stoma that thought of it as anything other than “this damn hole in my side.”

By the way, all you had to do was google on stoma intercourse. (Not in quotes) First hit says it’s not a good idea as the stoma can be damaged.

Holy shit.

There’s an old joke that might offer a clue.

A hooker had an appendectomy. The surgeon, though, was stumbling drunk at the time, and he sewed up the wrong opening. Now, she’s making money on the side.

Damn, I ruined my own joke.

I meant to say “holy fucking shit”.

So there really is a god after all…

It would probably fall under the rather broad category of “sodomy”.



A doctor I know told me that one of his friends from medical school treated a prisoner with a colostomy who had venereal warts around the colostomy opening.

Thats quite sick

It appears that stoma fucking is disgusting, deviant, and gross.

But mouth and butt fucking? Well, now, them’s OK.

Makes perfect sense.

Heh, heh. He said butt fucking. I haven’t heard it called that since middle school.


Abssoillutely gross!

Well . . . gee . . . actually . . . yes!

Ditto on the disgusting.

A nurse friend told me about a man with a stoma who came to emergency room several times to be treated for genital warts around his stoma.

Aparently, this activity is not uncommon.

That’s called a stoma too? At first I thought the OP confused a colostomy with a tracheotomy.

I’m fairly certain that sex using a throat stoma is equally or more wrong, though.

Exactly! I am glad we are all the same page.