Is there a way to get to the current end of a loooooong

thread you’ve never read before?

Someone mentioned the “Butt hurt Trump takes to twitter” thread, and I though I’d check it out. But it opens at post one, from 2016, and after nearly five minutes of scrolling down (not reading, just scrolling) I’m around #500 and still years away from current happenings since there are over NINE THOUSAND posts!

There’s got to be some ‘jump to the end of the thread’ or ‘jump to today’ type command, please??

In the long threads there will be a slider to the right of the posts. (not sure this is in all themes). Click on the "date/time? of the last post at the bottom of the slider and it will take you to the last post.

The little box below/ right with 2 numbers in it.

Ah, thank you both so much! The box is on the sorta middle left on my screen, but it’s there and works, yay!

If you have a PC just hit the End button. Jumps you straight there.

Not sure what the equivalent is on a Mac.

You can also just click on the “replies” number, which should bring up two buttons: one with the date and time of the OP, and under that the date and time of the last post. Clicking on either will take you to that post. At least in the theme I’m currently using, which is “SD Light.”