Is there a way to look at an image file without loading an application?

It seems whenever I want to check what a wallpaper file looks like I end up with a drawing package or a full browser window or something else with a border that obscures all four sides.

Is there some way just to see it, then maybe hit escape to get out of it?

go download ACDsee 3.1 Trial version and install it, it’ll change the associations so you can fire it up real quick, or you can turn image preview on in windows explorer.


Or Irfanview--
I like this program a lot, I use it as my default image viewer. It lets you browse through directories without having to open and close each image. And it’s free.

Thanks, Boscibo, I would have had to say the very same thing. Irfanview is great!

I use **ImageContext ** $19.95. Shareware trial copy at ** **

Another vote for IrfanView. It’s so good, I consider it an essential tool for any Windows PC. It loads very quickly, and includes itself on the right mouse menu in Explorer - right where you need it when managing image files. Because it’s free, you don’t get any annoying nag screens.

I don’t suppose you could just print it?

It’s possible I missed something here but I find the facility in Windows ME for image viewing and D / L really useful and simple. Does everything I need - is that blasphemous ?

My Puter >> My Docs >> My Pictures

Quick View Plus, is a program that does just what you said. It lets you see an image without opening the application it uses.

Quick View usually gives me things that are of no interest, just empty tables of discarded external references. I can’t see any use to it.

I have added something to my system (I forgot the name and have no idea where it “is”) that makes some image files appear as small pictures when you open a folder in Web Mode.
But it only works on .gif and .bmp, not .jpg.

I think it may work on .html, but I don’t keep any around because they are so large.

PicaView is a great program as well. right-click on your picture file and it’ll show up as a thumbnail in the popdown menu. It’s done by the same folks as ACDSee and I’m sure can be found on the same site.