Is there a way to set YouTube videos to repeat?

I guess this is a General Question but it seems too frivolous to post there.

I did Google this question first, and the top few answers seem to be “add ‘repeat’ before the .com in the URL” which isn’t working for me. I’ve installed a program to download videos in order to make .GIFs (which I manged to completely fail at) so I’m not opposed to adding software to accomplish this.

I know the simple solution to this is “buy the song” (99.999% of the time I do) but I follow a lot of up-n-comers who only post stuff on YouTube and I get obsessive about things.

Does this work? It worked for me. I searched “Bad Romance” via that page then went to the video, went to just before the end, and when it ended it re-started.

It worked! Thank you!