Is there an SDMB term for a thread that grows faster than the ability to read it?

After lurk-reading a HUUUUGE thread recently, I was wondering if there is an SDMB term for a thread that grows faster than (then) the ability to read it?



I don’t think we have a specific term for that situation, but those threads do tend to be either trainwrecks or pile-ons (or both).

Good question. I often experience this here. In light of “threads”, and weaving, I’d suggest the term “It’s woofing beyond it’s warp speed.”

I really hope this does not catch on.

A thread cannot grow faster then the ability to read it. It’s contents are stored on the server and you can read it when ever you want. Now the ability to read it and respond in a timely manner, well, I suppose that’s different. I myself call it a pain in the ass. :wink:

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I’m calling the pun police. That’s terrible. Absolutely terrible. I think tomndebb has the right idea. In such a thread, all replies after the first page or so are made by people who haven’t read all the replies above, which results in people restating what’s already been said, several different conversations/arguments going on simultaneously, etc.

How about “being a slow reader”?

Perhaps it’s just me, but I would call that common.


I second the term “kudzu thread” or just “kudzu”.

Maaaaaaan! I miss livin’ in the south sometimes.

I’ve wondered if anyone ever tossed some seeds into the yard of someone they didn’t like. :slight_smile:

I don’t have a good name for it, but it strikes me as a sort of SDMB version of the Vinge singularity.

heck, I’m tossin’ seeds everywhere… I’m not gonna smoke ‘em, ya know what I’m sayin’? :wink:

Third to endorse the term “kudzu” while being the first to whine I should have thought of it first.

Kudzu eh. So if I understand correctly that means that a lot of people jumping on one poster and derailing the thread faster than one can keep up would be a pile-on trainwreck of kudzu.

Yeah, kudzu is good for this phenomenon.

Nice username. MarmiteMoose might have been a bit more onomotopoeic though. BovrilBadger would be good too.

MarmiteMoose would be more alliterative, but I can’t comment on the onomatopoeic quality of it, because I’ve never heard yeast extract make a noise. I never thought I’d have to say this to you, Qadgop, but maybe you should be eating yours a little sooner! :eek:

Vegemite makes a great noise when you splat it against the wall. Or accidentally drop a jar of it on the kitchen floor.

Yay, someone used kudzuHere