Is there any connections between SPOOFE and spooje?

Because well, their usernames are very alike. The only difference between the two (besides capitalization) is the F and J. Anybody know?

I always get them confused, but that’s the only connection I know about. One of them has a thing for toothbrushes, but I don’t remember which one it is.

I think this is the kind of question that belongs in MPSIMS.

I heard from someone a few days ago that SPOOFE has a thing for underpants; maybe that’s what you’re talking about? Now what I want to know is why he has this thing for underpants. (whoever told me this said it was an in-joke)

So does anyone have any ideas?

It’s because “Underpants” is the greatest word in the English language… nay, the UNIVERSE!

Well, SPOOFE, you ought to read today’s “Cathy” comic:

Granted, it’s not strictly about underpants, but you might like it.

SPOOFE: Toothpaste. Remember the toothpaste, people!
spooje: Nothing of note.


(SPOOFE once tried to masturbate with toothpaste as a lubricant. It was a hideous, Crest-flavored failure.)

(Minty semen makes vaginas happy. :D)

He was Crest-fallen, then. Right?

That was the infamous TMI thread, wasn’t it? Now, was it SPOOFE or someone else who “won” that contest with, uh…I’m not even going to mention it…

I have met both SPOOFE and spooje and the only difference I noticed was that one had all caps in the username and the other had all lower case.

Hmm maybe they are the same person. I have never seen them together.

Paging Holmes, Mr. Sherlock Homes pick up the white courtesy phone.

SPOOFE is the one who used to have a Bo Diddly.

Sorry, hit Submit too soon.

And Spooje is the one who clearly cannot spell.

Duke, that was oldscratch. And I salute your discretion.

I was surprised that Derleth actually explained that one. People usually treat that one as one of those those things that’s better left unsaid.

As well they should, too.


Ahem::: I think you should rephrase…

Well, at least I was mentioned in a thread.
By somebody else, I mean.