Is there any freeware DVD burning software that burns files with Chinese names?

I’ve tried CD Burner XP Pro 3 and CD DVD Burning ROM 2.6.1 (two highly-recommended programs), but they both won’t even put files with Chinese character names in the burning queue, let alone burn them with characters intact. Is there any freeware software that would do this, or is something like Nero the only option? At this point, I would settle for software that would burn the files and replace all Chinese characters with a “?” or something. I really don’t want to have to go in there and change hundreds of file names into Roman letters…


I don’t have any idea about the question you actually asked, but it occurs to me that there might be a freeware utility that will change the filenames for you.*

THEN you could burn them at your convenience.

For free.

*FTR, I have no idea where one might find such an application.

It may be a function of the UDF format for DVDs, which appears not to support Unicode.

XP and Vista have a built-in CD/DVD burning function. Open My Computer and simply drag and drop the files onto the CD/DVD recodrer icon.

I tried burning a chinese-named file on Vista and it worked.

Thanks, but I don’t see any CD/DVD recorder icon in My Computer (I have XP Home, SP 2).

For my internal CD/RW drive, I can open up the blank CD as a blank hard drive and drag and drop files onto that, then burn them. However, I have a USB-connected DVD-R drive, and whenever I try to open up the blank DVD as a drive, it won’t let me. It’s only through programs like CD Burner XP Pro that I can access it, for some reason.