Is this a good size?

I know this is quite perverse, but i have recently measured my penis like any normal male and i was wondering if 7in. long and 5in. girth was a good size (erected)? This is no joke…Thanx :confused:

That’s bigger than me :frowning:

Good size for planting tulips! You’d have to ask a woman if it’s a good size for sex though.

I think it’s longer than the average, and possibly larger girth than average.

A better question is: if you have sex with a woman whose vagina is only 5" deep, of what use is that extra 2" you have?

I’ve always wanted an answer to THAT one.

Don’t be silly. Everyone knows those extra inches are for hanging socks on to dry.

7 inch is just big enough that you won’t have to lie about your size if asked.

however, not big enough that you should brag about it, thats 8 and up.

Personally, I use my penis as a sort of car substitute.

It’s definitive! Potential TMI note: There are a couple of clinical penis pictures there. Still, nothing like the link in Surreal’s latest offering :slight_smile: .

So it looks like you’re ahead (pardon the pun) of between 70-80% on length. Sadly, for your bragging rights at least, you only weigh in between 40-50% on girth.

The sample size was apparently 2,545. Not sure if that’s a big enough sample. However, it seems to be fairly well spread:

You’re big, OP, bigger than me and bigger than average, but you’re not huge. Congrats.

7 inches long…depends
Did you measure dorsally (manly man size) or ventraly all the way to the rectum (tadger)?

I was always informed that girth was more important than length. Provided, of course, the latter allowed sufficient utility of the former. Any user notes on this?

I’ve always found that versatility of the middle finger is crucial. Now don’t ya wish you’d stuck with those violin lessons? :wink: