Penis size - whats too much?

Any ladies or gents out their that wouldn’t run from a 12 inch erection?

How about 10 inches? Still too much?

Whats the max you’d feel comfortable with in a lover?

Also for the Gays. Is size a bigger concern? Is there more danger in tearing the anus if a guy is too big?

If I had a limit I’d have to find a new partner . . . or I wouldn’t be with him in the first place. Actually, size isn’t an issue for me; I’d be just as happy with him if he were small.

And are you implying that gay people invariably have anal sex?

I’ve read threads here that said anal sex varies from one couple to another. Some do it and others don’t.

I’ve never had a partner that was too big. I’ve also never had a partner who was too small; in fact, the best sex I ever had was with a guy with a smaller-than-average penis. But I’m not sure I have enough experience with larger-than-average to vote.

GQ discussion on big penis. Reading that thread made me wonder if anybody would want a partner like John Holmes. That’s some serious pipe.

I know hitting the cervix can hurt-how about hitting bottom? I had a partner once who said she was sore afterwards because she was so “short” inside (c. 3-4").

Abraham Lincoln once said that a man’s penis ought to be long enough to reach the ground.

I would say 8 inches would probably be my tops, if I was going to play the role of bottom. But I’d gladly date someone who was larger than 8 inches… I just wouldn’t be having him stick that thing inside me!

I have heard that from a few of my shorter partners when we were trying different positions. They said it felt like cramping.

I enjoy the feeling of being all the way inside so much I don’t know what I would do with an extra few inches.

Things started getting uncomfortable for me after puberty. Now whenever I finish urinating I have to sling my penis over my shoulder and burp it. Definitely too big for it’s own good.

I happened to watch the Howard Stern tv show a few years ago. He had some of the female guests (I think porn stars) measure Howard and the other cast that night.

As I recall, Howard swore the average for most men (erect) is 5 1/2 inches. They read out the various sizes for the cast. I recall Howard was between 5 and 6 inches. The others I didn’t really listen closely too.

If that figure is about average then someone like J Holmes (at over 12 inches) was more than double the average male. Probably more than any woman that hasn’t given birth can handle comfortably.

Here it is. Youtube stores everything. from 1998

I remember that one. E! had the whole episode not just the slide show, maybe it’s out there somewhere. First they had that dippy girl who thought they would get hard just from being around her. They had to bring a real porn star who knew how to talk dirty.

Clicking this link led me down one serious internet rabbit hole. Sometimes it frightens me that my mom has access to the same internets I do. Thankfully she can’t even figure out how to navigate facebook.

“the gays” really in this day and age? wow.

I tried to word my OP as respectfully as possible. How else am I supposed to mention the gay members that post here? It’s no different than addressing a question to the women on the sdmb.

Anal sex is traditionally associated with a significant part of the gay population. I understand that not all gays enjoy anal sex. Some hetro couples also enjoy anal sex. Whatever floats your boat and makes you happy is what matters.

The anus is a much smaller orifice than a vagina. Ripping and tearing are obviously a concern for anyone engaged in anal sex. That’s the only reason I brought it up in the OP. All the lube in the world wouldn’t help if J Holmes knocked on your back door.

As I understand it, length isn’t that much the issue, but girth is. That’s what I hear from the ladies at least (I wonder if they’d still say that when confronted with 12 inches:)).

How about “Gay folks” or “Gay posters”? You know, add a noun in there.

Using the construction “The [charcteristics]” is frown upon pretty widely, be it talking about people who are gay or black or intelectually disabled.

Hey! Who the hell are you calling “tiny”? :mad:

Now see, I’m only 4 inches.

But some women think that’s just waaay too wide. :smiley:

Average length can be uncomfortable, depending on the time of month and position. Above average would be terrible. I dislike having my cervix hit, it’s a relatively sharp pain.

5 inches is not ‘tiny’, FYI.