Is this Newsweek cover of Palin sexist?

“Palin took aim at Newsweek’s eye-catching cover this week that shows the former vice presidential candidate in her running outfit - an image that was apparently lifted from a Runner’s World photo shoot months ago. Writing on her Facebook page Monday night, Palin said the depiction is flat out “sexist, and oh-so-expected.””

On the one hand, since she posed for it, and presumably chose the outfit, how can she now complain about it?

On the other hand, why would Newsweek chose the one picture of her in short shorts if the article is about her as a politician and book author? There are millions of pictures of her wearing a suit or other respectable clothing, why would they chose this one?

I like and admire Sarah, but in this case methinks she doth protest too much. The pic isn’t even unflattering.

Pic of Sarah [Heath] Palin at 18ish(?)".

I loathe Palin, but it’s totally sexist. When was the last time you saw a *Newsweek *cover of a **male **politician in revealing exercise clothes?

And Palo Verde, you answered your own question. She “can […] now complain about it” because it was “from a Runner’s World photo shoot.” It made sense to have a picture of her in **running **clothes for an article in a **running **magazine; it doesn’t make sense to have a picture of her in **running **clothes for a **news **magazine article about her political career and book.

Methinks she wouldn’t complain if the subtitle was in her favor.

I wish I still had the picture of her bending over in a calf stretch from that same photo shoot.

Edit: Mmm… Sexism.

My reaction was to think if I were Sarah Palin, the photo is not what would be bugging me about that cover. Bad for everybody? Yikes!

…I actively dislike her, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

That’s a bullshit photo.

Definitely sexist. Nice picture tho.

ETA: The google ad is for Sarah’s book. Oh boy!

Damn Sarah Palin is hot.

I love how she’s milking the feminism angle for all it’s worth.

Does anyone remember how the last time people cried about sexism it was over her not being airbrushed enough for the same magazine? She even looked good in that photo, and it was about how naturally beautiful she is.

At least for this one it seems they airbrushed her knobby knees. You can see them in the Runner’s Week photos.

Is this a sexist magazine cover?

She’s full of shit, and she’s also hypocritical. She uses the cheesecake imagery when it suits her – remember the inane winking and primping during the debates – but then she wants to say that the “meda” is being sexist when it publishes photos that she herself dressed and posed for. She chose to sexualize her own image. The media didn’t do it.

I’m not saying it has never happened, but can anyone recall any previous incident where a national politician posed for a similar photo? And I’m not talking about candid shots of Obama in swim trunks or playing hoops, or Clinton running.

I think a man would be open for similar criticism if he posed for - say - a golf magazine cover/pictorial. Even moreso if he posed for a running/fitness magazine wearing short shorts, lycra shorts, and/or a tank top. Just not how you want to pose if you want to portray yourself as presidential.

I don’t think this photo is as titillating as folk are making it out to be. But she made the choice to pose for this type of photo. I think it is understandable for people to suggest it casts her as something other than a serious deep-thinker.

I also think it a tad disingenuous for Palin and her supporters to complain about her being objectified. IMO her looks are likely her strongest asset. Is there anyone who seriously thinks McCain would have chosen her - or any of us would have heard of her - if she were less photogenic? No, she doesn’t dress like a slut. But you are deluding yourself if you do not think she plays on her looks for her advantage. Not that there is anything wrong with that. But if you choose to play that game, I have less sympathy for you should your efforts be used against you.

Yeah, winking will do that. And God forbid that she primp her hair, the harlot.

Very few people wouldn’t say, IMO, that one of Palin’s marketable attributes to the GOP was her attractiveness. She banks on it when it suits her and I think the Newsweek cover might be a comment on this. Besides, sex sells and the magazine wants sales.

I think her current complaint is just a stab at the “liberal media” in yet another attempt to divide everybody into “us” and “them”. Just a point of convenience to make this complaint. If it weren’t this, it’d be some other complaint to gather a few inches of type someplace.

She posed for the picture, for publication.

She has been claiming for a long time that the main stream media is out to get her.

So she gives them this photo and complains about it being used?

What offends me about this is the fact that Newsweek think she is news worthy. She is not getting the nomination or anywhere near the Republican ticket in 2012. I’ll be surprised if she is even at the convention.

I think it’s sexist. All other things being equal, I don’t think they would have done this with a male politician.

A beauty pageant contestant is complaining about sexism?:rolleyes:

How about Kerry windsurfing?

I think the Canadian politician Stockwell Day was pictured in a tight wetsuit, at least enough times for it to be parodied on The Royal Canadian Air Farce (RIP).

I don’t think it’s an appropriate photo for a news magazine cover (nor is the Obama one, gag). It was for a running magazine, and though I don’t think it was a great idea to pose like that in the first place (leaning on an American flag??), it’s really inappropriate for Newsweek to pull that.

Strawman. I didn’t call her a whore. I said she’s chosen to sexualize her image, and she has.

No, it isn’t. She was wearing modest running attire, and posed for the photos for an article about running. What she wears when she exercises has nothing to do with how serious a thinker she is. Using the photos for a negative political article is clearly an attempt to make her looks ‘fair game’. If they can make it appear like she gets by on her looks, than suddenly it’s ‘OK’ to call her a bimbo, or what ever sexist term you prefer.