Is this still available.

I have looked on a variety of websites and asked at a couple of toy departments, and I am coming up empty on the only toy I would like to get my son for Xmas.

Dapper Dan Dress Up Doll.

Do they still make it?

“Dapper Dan Dress Up Doll?”

I know I’m gonna hate asking this, but what is this doll, exactly? I’m getting some very spooky mental images here.

<Dan, wearing his best sequined tuxedo, advanced slowly towards little Mikey. The sobbing boy cowered under Danny’s infernal shadow, as the demonic doll grated, “Dressth me! DRESSTH ME!! I’m wearing a formal tuxth and I sthimply MUSTHT go causual for brunch with Barbie and Ken! Stho DRESSTH me, damn you!”>

What kind of hold does this thing have on you, if it’s the only toy you wanna get for him? Please, call an excorcist immediatly.

Sorry, Shirly. It’s been a long day.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Wow, Shirley, you just flooded my tiny ol’ brain with multiple childhood memories.

Dapper Dan the Dressup Doll was a stuffed doll for young boys designed to teach them how to dress themselves. He came with a few different shirts, pants, etc. that you could actually put on him, button up, snap, etc. And no he wasn’t nude under all that, just in his skivvies.

“My hovercraft is full of eels.”

A search for “dapper dan doll” on turned up a couple of hits on eBay, but they were all closed July sales. They are usually described as “Dapper Dan Teaching Doll” from Playskool around 1970. The prices ranged from $3 to $10.

You might want to wander around eBay ( or their competition.



There a bunch of them on EBay, some of then look just like new.

Hope this helps.


geez…i screwed up the scrolling.

Sorry guys.

I never thought of ebay. I would have hoped to buy one new, but I guess a doll named DDDU would probably be shunned by Jerry Falwell.