Is this typical of Craigslist?

To me, this is deep in WTH territory, but I’m not accustomed to such things. For all I know, this is par for the course.

Looks like a prank to me.

Check out Why Women Hate Menfor more horrific examples, with hilarious commentary. It may not be typical, but it’s not exactly unusual.

Probably into roleplay, but then again he never says “jail time”

I really don’t see anything prankish about it. That’s pretty mild as far as CL goes, really. Try the m4m section sometime…

WWHM is indeed hilarious, and usually not safe for work. You might see, for instance, a 65 year old man’s erect penis. He shows it off because he’s proud that he can still get it up and still get it hard.

The entries have to be seen to be believed. The commentary is the best part.

I’m going with prank too. Looks like some folks at the office are having some fun with him.

Maybe a prank and maybe not, but it’s not unusual. I love men, but there are many many many of them who just have no sense when it comes to women and sex.

I love you!

I also vote for “office mates pranking guy who works in shipping” or something.

Obligatory link to show the vast amount of weirdness on Craigslist:


Thank you!

Last summer I had a lot of time off after an operation and I discovered craigslist. I became fascinated with the various w4m, m4w, m4m ads and browsed them regularly for a week or two. IMO, this is not atypical. The ad may or may not be legit, but it isn’t so far out there as to ring any bells for me.