Is your current SO the best lay you've had?

If not, have you ever told them? Or at least, without directly telling them they aren’t the best, have you ever shared with them a story of one of your better experiences?

It’s just that quite a few people here are pretty open about some of your experiences. I’m wondering if that carries over into your actual relationships.

I’ve only had just one girlfriend, though I’ve had half a dozen partners.

The other five were all better.

Yes, he’s the best. He didn’t have much experience before me but he is a quick learner.

The best fuck, yes. I’ve been with other men who were better at a few other things but as far as the actual fucking goes he is the best so far.

Not in a relationship now, but I remember when I was. But y’know, I’ve had great sexual experiences with all of my partners, but unless something incredibly sexy happened during a particular session, I don’t really remember it enough to be able to compare. They were all good in some ways. Maybe I just haven’t had really bad sex (or at least not consistently bad), so there’s not that much to compare it to. But man, those hot hot sessions, the particulars stand out in my mind years and years later.

Now BJ, on the other hand, that’s a comparison I can make. One girl was absolutely amazing with them. Unfortunately she was the first, so I wasn’t really savvy enough to figure out WTF she was doing to be able to really give tips at this point. Zannen.

Well he’s also the only lay I’ve ever had, so by default and everything…yeah, I guess he is. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, no and no. But he’s the best in so many other ways that it doesn’t matter at all. I’d never dream of telling him straight out that he doesn’t live up to a bar set by someone else.

Yep, he is.

Just a minute.


Were you checking to see if she was standing over your shoulder or did it just take a minute to find out?

Do you find yourself still thinking of those past experiences? Do you ever wish he possessed their skill while in the throes of passion with him?

And how upset would he be if he came to this board and figured out your identity?

He’s the only one I ever went past second base with, so yes by default. :slight_smile:

Sometimes I do think about them, but that’s mainly between me and my rubber ducky. I can’t recall a time that I thought about it whilst in the throes. He knows who I am on this board, and if he ever comes in here and sees this, I hope he will see the part where I said it doesn’t matter to me at all because he’s better in so many other ways.

Honestly, no.

I’m one of those in the thousands though.

The male ego can be a fragile thing, and sex is a huge part of that ego.

“I’m I good in bed?” is the male version of “Does this make me look fat?”

There is only one correct answer.

By far. Light-years better. And she isn’t looking over my shoulder, either.

No, but not the worst either. On a graded testing scale, she would get a B+. I’m happy with that.

He’s the best, both in and out of bed.

After we’d been together about a year, I told him about a guy I was once with, and the oral sex he gave me that lasted several hours. My partner then picked me up, carried me to the bed, and proceeded to outdo the other guy. He hates being second-best.

Yes, by a country mile. In fact, our relationship started as a sexually explosive office affair, so in a way it’s been the basis for our relationship (although our relationship has progressed way beyond the purely physical, before you start thinking we’re doomed!). She feels the same way about my abilities, and we often joke that it’s because we’re both nearing our sexual peak (we’re both women in our late 30s).

Having said that, if she wasn’t, I’d be tempted to lie about it. Who wants to think they’re a crap shag?!