Is Your Hair Different Every Day?

I’m fascinated by (and jealous of) people whose hair looks the same every day, as mine never looks the same from day to day (at least to me.)

So, I guess what I’m asking for are thoughts on hair . . . is yours the same every day? Different? Does it correspond to mood/event/wake up time? ;j

Well, do you think mine stays the same???


Hmmmm . . . does it itch when your hair grows back (like nether region hair?)

Gee, I’m impressed by people whose hair looks DIFFERENT every day!

I have three styles for my shoulder-length hair (in public, anyway):

(1) Hanging loose. I don’t do this often, as it gets to be a mess fairly quickly.

(2) Single barrette on top of my head, holding the front hair back. Most common; keeps it out of my face and looks fairly decent, if boring.

(3) Hat. For when I completely throw in the towel. Also keeps it out of my face and hides the greasies if I haven’t washed it.

I will also put it up in a high ponytail for grunging around at home, but it makes my head look funny, so I don’t do it for out in public.

On Monday, my hair is prim and proper, newly washed and shiny.

By Friday, it looks like Sideshow Bob with bird nests and everything.

I have to wash and blow dry my hair every day except on slog-around-at-home-days. I look like Sideshow Bob after just one day of no hair care.

I’m a guy with hair that requires gel. I personally think my hair turns out different every day. I suspect however that no one but me notices it.

All I can say is, had I seen your picture first, I’d have definitely nominated you for “Least likely to name himself klintypooh

I generaly do this: Shave my head. Then Wait for it to grow for oh, about a month and a half. The shave it again. Repeat procedure.

Mine looks the same, unless I do something to it (curl it, put it up, ponytail it). I find THAT boring, and people who have different hair to be more impressive.

Another vote for always the same – well, in one of two forms. With slightly longer than shoulder-length hair, it’s either hanging loose or fastened at the nape of my neck.

Depending on what I do with it, and what styling products I use, it looks different. Yesterday, I used some type of balm stuff and straightening gel and blew it dry. It has some natrural curl to it, so all the stuff did was make it somewhat straighter, and I had bangs, swept to the side. Today, I didn’t do anything but wet and blow dry it (no additional styling products, aside from the “leftovers” from yesterday), and it’s very wavy, off my face.

Tomorrow, I’ll wash it, and probably use mouse and blow it dry and it’ll be full and slightly wavy. When I don’t use any styling products and let it dry natrually (on the weekends), then it’s curly and softer.

So, yeah, it’s different every day.

Mine’s the exact same every single day. I have a chin length bob that is too short to tie back and bangs. My hair really likes bobs. So even after a really hard workout when I’m all sweaty, my hair looks exactly the same. It astounds my friends…

My hair looks different every day - I have curly hair. I style it the same every day and it always falls different.

Be envious of me. :smiley:

Envious? I have hair very similar to yours from what I saw in one a photo you posted, and I have the same thing happen to my hair.

What pisses me off is, a hairstyle that I “discover” today, and absolutely love, will never again grace my head. I’d like to have some factor of repeatability. Instead, it’s like the Magical Grab Bag of Curls.

Sometimes mine is a different color every day…

Mine is weather-related. The more humidity, the wavier and more out-of-control it gets.

That’s me, my hair never makes the same curls twice, no matter how hard I try, or how well I duplicate the previous styling technique.

Well, it has the same shape every day. Sort of a 20’s curly thing that hits between the ears and chin (depending on how long it takes me to afford a haircut). However, the curls never look the same from day to day. They work on a sliding scale depending on the atmosphere, I think.

I meant I like the fact it looks different every day. I always look like I’ve worked hard to style it, and in reality I’ve only ran a comb with some mousse on it.