It MUST be Christmas

It’s snowing in Hawaii. :smiley:

Doesn’t it always snow on top of the mountain there, by the observatory?

Although I admit it sounds strange. Flip-flops and parkas…

Come to think of it, I heard on the weather that we’re expecting flurries this evening (Chicago area). This sucks mightily. Oh how mightily it sucks. Really. Sucks hard.

Yup. Especially because after it dusts you guys it’s heading up Toronto way through tomorrow and Wednesday.

Gonna have to get out my gloves and reassemble my convertible coat.

:: checks weather network in panic ::

My PDA predicts doom. DOOM!

:eek: Panic! Run all over the place!

(No, wait, I don’t need to. The drivers on the 401 will be doing that for me.)