It’s Time to Play ‘Sheen, Beck, or Qaddafi?’

I only got 7 out of 15 the first time. How well do YOU know your whackjobs?

I managed 8 for 15, but only because I recognized several Sheen quotes. Telling the difference between Beck and Qaddafi is pure luck.

I can sure tell you which one I’d rather party with.

Qaddafi, of course. Beck would be boring and Sheen would snort all your blow. I bet Qaddafi’s got a harem he’d let you play in.

9 out of 15 without even knowing who were Sheen and Beck. I’m that good.

Maybe, but he seems like the kinda guy who will get pretty testy about it when they try to follow me home.

Only 4 out of 15; I did much better on the Gaddafi/Sheen quiz.

I only got 5/15 on that one. I want to see the Sheen, Beck, Qaddafi, or Hulk Hogan (or equivalent) quiz.

Someone else that can tell an almond from a pecan.

I got 8/10 on Sheen VS Qhaddfi (it seems everyone spells that name differently). I’ll do this tomorrow, I already had too much nuts in my diet today.

10 out of 15.

My vast comprehension of insanity…worries me.

7 on the first try, 13 on the second.

I was completely flummoxed by two of Sheen’s quotes.

11 out of 15, which I think is pretty good given that I never watch or listen to Beck.

Ya know, I am unsurprised that you hold the current high score for identifying whacky statements…


I only got 4 right, but I think that’s mostly because I haven’t been paying much attention to the whole Sheen thing.

…and the tow-headed boy runs out onto the endless prairie…

“Come back! Come back! You forgot to pay for the drugs! Sheen! Sheen! Come back, Sheen!..”

Nine —I’ve never heard Sheen speak, and I’ve virtually never seen Beck, but I knew all the Qaddafi quotes instantly and could guess the others okay.

Hey, I come from the land of elucidator, gonzomax and Der Trihs. I pretty much have a PhD in wacky statements.


I think you have found your signature, Starkers.

10 out of 15, and all but one or two of them were different wacky statements than the UK version of Sheen vs Gaddafi. Maybe that quiz gave me some practise as I only got 5/10 out of that one.

I got 6/15. At least it was one question above random chance, but…damn. I found my mistake though. I kept on thinking the really grandiose dictator-esque statements were being made by Ghadfaffhi…ghadly…whoever, but actually in retrospects his quotes were arguably the most benign. They seemed to be mainly about threats to his regime.

On the second try I got 12/15, but that’s really only due to my short-term memory.