It was a horse, it was an MMP

The annual knitters convention was in town this weekend, and I went to the marketplace on Thursday night. I’d been saving up for a year for a particular yarn purchase. I had wanted to buy this yarn last year, but chickened out due to the price. I made a beeline for the booth, but couldn’t make up my mind which color I wanted. I finally asked them for help in picking a color. “This one matches your hair. It could have been spun out of your hair.” I smiled and knew why I was drawn to that color.

When I was 16, my grandmother took me to look at a horse. This was not an unusual occurrence. My grandmother was always looking for the perfect competition horse for me, and I’d already been through 4 or 5 horses in two years. He had the prosaic name of Sam. It was love at first sight. My grandmother purchased him with the caveat that I pick a better name for him.

He was nameless for a few weeks, until in a fit of temper at his bad behavior (he had a tendency to rear to get out of doing something he didn’t want to do) I named him Foxfire. Whenever I wasn’t in school and there was daylight, we were out on the trails. One day, I decided to take him out on one of my favorite rides. It started out easy, with a few miles of flat, wide roads through the sprout fields, and then it went sharply uphill for quite a distance. At the top, there were some gentle, rolling hills. It was spring, so the sourgrass was in full bloom, so he was knee deep in acid yellow flowers. As we crested the final hill, he stopped short, snorting in alarm. His ears swiveled and he kept snorting and staring. He reared and did a little jig, while I was laughing at him. To be fair, people seeing the view for the first time tend to gasp and swear, so his reaction wasn’t that out of the ordinary. When you crest that final hill, all you can see is ocean from horizon to horizon, and the angle is such that the ocean appears to be hanging over you. It’s a fantastic optical illusion and quite alarming the first time you see it, even if you’re a horse.

Foxfire and I went on to do quite well in a number of competitions and even win a few. Perfect strangers would stop us to tell us how good we looked together. Riding him was wonderful, almost like flying. When we hit our marks together, we were perfect. But the thing that delighted people more than anything was “You match!” And we did. My hair matched his mane perfectly, with the darker tones matching his coat.

So I told them I’d take it . I’ve been working on this project all weekend and I smile every time I look at it.


ETA: Indeed!

Shadow, great OP! And that’s a very pretty color of yarn! And you actually had a pony as a girl? Me is jealous.

Don’t forget to share the finished product with us! :slight_smile:

Wow, is that project-thingie ever beautiful. Is it knitted strips which are then woven, or is it some kind of fancy knitting wizardry? (I have only crocheted, so I can’t tell.)


The story of you and your horse is wonderful, too. Thanks for sharing.

Haze, I had a number of ponies growing up, but Foxfire was the only one that counted.

brujaja, it’s entrelac. The project I’m knitting is Lady Eleanor.

Wow, an MMP that’s actually up on Monday Morning! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I’m not much into yarn, but the horse story is wonderful, **Shadow **:slight_smile:

Other than that, I got nuttin’. Guess I’ll wait until it gets light in America and there’s more people around!

That’s a beautiful color, Shadow! Definitely worth the wait. Loved the horse story too.

Not Monday morning yet, but I gotta go to work tomorrow so I thought I’d get a post or two in before turning in for the night.

What a wonderful story about your horse Foxfire and you, Shadow; thank you so much for sharing with us. And the yarn is a beautiful melange (if that is the right word!), but I especially like that entrelac stitch; good luck with your Lady Eleanor project, it looks like a very pretty knit.

Up and caffeinating here - hoping to get out of the house -on time- this am. LOL I’m such a foot dragger in the morning, especially about going to work. Happy Monday morning, Mumpers. :slight_smile:

Jake OP Shadow! I like how you worked the yarn into a memory of your favorite horse.

Up and caffienatin’ at da cave gettin’ ready for another week in the wonderful world of inshurnce. Yee and Haw. I am not motivated as of yet but motivate I must.

Have a great Monday Mumpers! Or a great whatever it is wherever you are.

Later Y’all!

Drive by …

Howdy all. Nice OP, Shadow!
Vroooommmmm …

Extremely cool yarn, project, and horse story, Shadow. Wish I had the patience (and time) to learn to knit properly.

How can it be Monday already?

Off to acquire motivation.


Great OP Shadow!
I am in love with entrelac, I dream of a scarf that one day will be mine…

Up and dragging this morning. Last night middle child was complaining that her eye hurt, and this morning it’s crusty and pink. UGH! So I called Jim and told him to stop by Wal Mart and pick up the OTC for pink eye. All I can figure is that she got it from church yesterday, it was the only place she went. I just hope the rest of us don’t get it. Last time it went around, I had it in both eyes, and so fast and bad I could barely take my contacts out, and had to sport glasses for a week before my eyes recovered.
I was so restless last night, and couldn’t fall asleep until nearly 2 this morning. Tossing and turning.
And now middle child is couching it, so if I want to fall back asleep, I’ll have to take to the bed. I just may have to do that. In a bit.

That was really cool, Shadow! You tell stories very nicely.

This is really a drive-by, though, because I’m working alone here today on lunch for 50 people. So I can’t be screwing around. I doubt that they would understand the importance of chatting with mumpers in the overall scheme of things. :smiley:


Nice OP!

Off to bring young son to school and then to work, lalala

Great OP,Shadow! I’m working all day again.

gotta run

This one will be short and sweet. I had my third Fire School this weekend. The topic was Emergency Vehicle Driving; all about the basics of taking a fire truck or ambulance down the road.

VWife was all over me during the week. “When are we going to do groceries?”. Well, Firday night, which we did.

Saturday morning, I get to my class, and the first thing I heard was, “where were you last night?”

“Uh, I didn’t know we had class.” I wasn’t the only one.

“You missed 4 hours, and the state requires you have to attend 80% of the class hours to be certified. I’ll see if you can get the training hours, but I doubt you’ll be certified.”

I was mad, but there was a certain level of “D’oh!”, too, because I should have checked on my own. Last week’s class was also a 20 contact hour event, and I caught that one just fine. Then it dawned on me, 4 hours is 20% of 20; if I didn’t miss any more, I’d be legal.

I stated my case to the instructor, who then went to the coordinator. The 4 of us who missed the night before would get certification if we passed the written and driving tests. Whew!

The morning class started out with a unit on elementary physics, mass momentum, inertia, force, and the like. First was a discussion of tire friction. The instructor, reading from the state provided course materials said, “The greatest amount of friction is felt when the vehicle is stationary. There’s a very high amount when the tires are rotating normally, and the least amount when the vehicle is skidding.” I was slightly amused, because the force of friction is the same in the cases of a stationary tire and a normally rotating tire, because there is no motion at the contact point. Strike one.

The discussion then moved on to vehicles in a turn. The instructor gave a couple of definitions. “First is centripetal force. That is the force that pulls the vehicle in the direction of the turn. Centrifugal force is the one that you feel pulling you away from the same turn.” I got an evil grin. One of the most basic and fundamental concepts in college freshman mechanics class is that centrifugal force DOES NOT EXIST. What you feel is centripetal force pulling you towards the center. Strike two.

Another definition was acceleration. The stated definition was acceleration is a change in velocity, and that was correct. Then came the clarifying statement, “If you double the mass of an object, you double the acceleration.” I started bouncing in my chair at that point, because the statement was utter bullshit. Strike three. Whoever was writing the material was confusing acceleration and force (the definition of force is mass times acceleration).

We took our first break, and I couldn’t let these stand without a challenge. I went to the instructor. “First, I come in late, and now, I’m going to make waves.” I made my cases, and the instructor acknowledged that the material was wrong, but he was required to present it as delivered. I knew that, because every class I’ve taken for fire and EMS training has something wrong in it, the instructors know about it and admit it to the class, but whatever it is, it’s always a question on the written tests. Harumph.

Saturday ended in the late afternoon, and I easily passed the written test. Sunday was the driving test. Each of us had our choice in two styles of fire engine, and we had to take it around an obstacle course. The hardest part for me was the parallel park; from across the lot it looked like you had a football field to get it in, but it was darned small when you were behind the wheel. I did that twice, because I didn’t get close enough to the curb on my first try to satisfy me.

Now, I have state certification to drive fire engines and ambulances. Yee-haw.

On to a different topic. I’ve resumed going to the Y, and they have a new toy that I love: a cycling simulator. Imagine the standard upright exercise bike, but add a hi-def LCD screen. It displays a course in front of you, and adds other riders, either racers or recreational you can keep up with or challenge, based on the scenario you choose. I pick the racers, and then run them over on the course… :smiley:

If you hit a grade, you feel it in your pedals, and you have a gear shift to adjust torque accordingly. Sure beats the hell out of the uprights and the TV on the wall showing “Leave It To Beaver” re-runs…

Hi mumpers!

Great OP, Shadow. I wanted a horse so bad when I was young. Alas, it was not to be for this city girl. The knitting is beautiful! I wish I had talent to do crafty things…

I’ve had such a busy weekend! Saturday I took Ernie to the vet to get vaccinated, poor guy. Then he was off to the groomers. We had such beautiful weather all weekend, too. I ran around window shopping all afternoon. But it was the in-between-stores driving with the moon roof open and the windows down that was the best! Yesterday was even better, with a high of about 80° and perfectly sunny skies. After doing some chores, I took the idiot dogs to the dog park. It was crowded and so much fun!

Our new walkway was completed on Saturday. Have I told y’all about that? We had a guy come in and make us a walkway with stamped concrete. It’s bee-yoo-ti-ful! I’ll post pics eventually. Mr Rebo spent all weekend planting some junipers in a little flowerbed he made. We’re gonna have the most curb appeal on the whole block! :slight_smile:

I’d better get to work. Oh, BTW, in case you didn’t know it, Mondays suck.

Thumbs up, shadow! I dreamed day and night about horses when I was young. In fact, the only books I read when I began reading novels were about horses. Anybody remember Walter Farley?

Relatively quiet weekend but I did get my hairs cut which were sorely in need. We had rain on Saturday and then it cleared and was lovely yesterday. We’ll be going up to mid eighties tomorrow and then drop abruptly into the sixties for Wednesday.

I’m off to a seminar (Dreamweaver) on Wednesday and need to drive clear across Orlando to the Universal Studios area for it. That will suck because the drive must be made during rush hour. This better be a good class.

Mr. Anachi and I watched The Departed on Saturday night. I liked it but the ending was kind of a cheat IMO.

I am trying to slog my way through Bleak House. Somebody please tell me it will get interesting.

Work beckons.