It was, indeed, in the ass.

I just saw a show regarding game show bloopers, and the last clip shown was the infamous Newlywed Game when Bob Eubanks asked the question: “Where is the most unusual place you’ve ever had the urge to make whoopee?”

Her response: “In the ass.”

The “ass” part was bleeped, but it definitely was not “butt.”

(By the way, the husband’s response was “In the car.”)

An urban legend gains respectability.

Cite, specifically TV network/station?

I just saw it, too. NBC, 8-9pm est (17july02). Crazy.

Uh, I’m not sure. I’ve switched channels since…but they had 5 guys that were past or present game show hosts (one was Ben Stein), and they showed clips from all sorts of shows: Match Game, Tattletales, Family Feud (both US and UK versions), as well as clips from current game shows. I think it was NBC, but I can’t make the online TV guide go backward to check.

NBC, just now. The last segment of the “Most Outrageous Game Show Moments.”

Too much hype for something that isn’t so shocking nowadays, IMO. I was more surprised at the Hollywood Squares contestant, Lisa, accusing the other guy of cheating and shoving him off the stage!

(Did he press assault charges?)


At the end, she said “April Fools” to John Davidson, the host. I think it was a set-up–but a good one.

Indeed, it was a prank. After she shoved him off, you could hear the “squares” shout “APRIL FOOLS John!”


Didn’t catch that part, just a lot of background noise.

Hmmmm, Snopes says nuh-uh.

Well, I just saw it, and I may have left some dialogue between the woman and her husband out, but when she directed her answer to Bob Eubanks, that was all she said.

And, Snopes is wrong. Only the last word was bleeped.

Actually, that realmedia clip sort of confirms it.

Ah, I see the contradiction. They bleep those three words in the realmedia clip, but they only bleeped the last word on TV.


  1. There exists a clip of a show which was probably filmed in 1977.

  2. The lady on the show says “in the ass.”
    Still to be answered:

l. When did this clip/show actually air and on what network? (Most of us die-hards contend it didn’t air at the time. Maybe it didn’t air until sometime in the 90’s).

It is obvious to me that the powers that be that have allowed this clip to be aired on tv in the last 5? years have the answers. It’s just that no one connected with the show has come forward and explained the truth.