It would seem I am on Ambian.

And the phrase “I am on Ambian” sounds very strange to me right noww. Like it has a mind of its own… The words themselves look very very evil and aggressive and it seems like it wants to make me SLEEEP rignt now. But I CAN’T! I’m far to busy analyzing it’s intention which simply has to be far beyond just the obvious choice. What does it WANT? Why does it look all wavy like that? No, something much bigger is going on and I intend to get to the bottom of it. I can play with these lettetrs I met on my laptop which is on my table, not my lap. Henceforth, you are now called Tabletop! And though I alone command you,you are also my friend. I can start a clan of some of the more ‘trusted’ letters and use them to help gain insightful information about those on the outside. Maye they will be of some use to me after all. I signed up for a twitter account just now. Haven’t had any interest whatsoever in that evil enterprise and it’s mindless networking ways, but I did it. And now I must use these, these “LETTERS” to create things for me. Make things that will be of some use to the grand society of the internet people that will be watching what we create. Always watching, they are. And judging. What if these letters of mine don’t stand up to the test? What if they are deemed… insignificant letters. FALSE letters, what then? We must regroup. Yes, regroup and think. THink and plan! Plan like we’ve never planned before! to RISE UP against this merciless society of Watchers and Judgers. RISE UP and TAKE COMMAND! For when they are licking MY great brown bootstrap, well, what then? THen, my alphabetical friends, we will have taken control. Lots of writing. No time for reading. Couldn’t even it I wanted to but I don’T! there is simply no TIME! WIth your mighty army of LETTERS we shall form groups and ranks, lines and swirls! We will make entire SENTENCES, oh yes!! And as more brave souls hear of our heroic upheval, as our literary numbers grow stronger and more organized… working all together, we may be… A POST! THat is the mission this night hath mad upon my head. Ambian + this night + my head = make post happen. And happen it did. Mission accomplished everyone. Great work, all around. Take some R&R tomorrow, men. You’ve earned it. But not you, ‘x’. Your punishment in the stockades shall continue on for eternity. You know why…

OOOKkay…step away from the laptop and get some sleep. I don’t post drugged, but I (supposedly) do have long conversations with my kids that I have no memory of the next day. Ambien is a good sleeping med, but it does tend to make you lose chunks of your life.


Wow. Just… wow.

My apologies to all you fine folks out there in Doperland who’ve been subjected to my insomniatic (is that a word? It should be.) insanities. I vaguely remember getting online late last night, but I’ve no recollection at all of doing… this.

Least I didn’t try to drive somewhere. I hear that happens on Ambien sometimes. Perhaps next time a bad movie and a cup of tea might be a safer option.

In the interest of saving this thread, anybody out there got a good Ambien-induced amnesia story?

Don’t the instructions say TAKE THIS PILL AND GO STRAIGHT TO BED? I think that might be for a reason…

Oddly enough, they don’t. They say “take one tablet by mouth at bedtime as needed”, but no indication whatsoever as to how long you have after taking it.

Upon reflection, it could easily be read as “hey moron, go to bed immediately before you do something stupid”, but I’d been trying for hours to get to sleep before I resorted to the meds so I was just waiting for it to kick in. I guess I didn’t expect it to happen so fast.

Eh, lesson learned.

I have sleepless nights here and there, but I don’t really go full-blown insomnia until I’m chaining together days of non-stop pseudoephedrine. Is this the sort of insomnia Ambien can treat? The simple answer is don’t take the pseudoephedrine, but if I can’t breathe, I can’t sleep then either.

I’ve had chronic insomnia for many years now. Due to my, erm, “interesting” history with drugs, I’ve been very resistant to the idea of medication, but it’s gotten to the point where it’s interfering with my life in very significant ways. I had to drop classes in college, I’ve been fired from jobs, and generally wasted good chunks of my life because I haven’t been able to sleep at night. It’s probably caused by a hearty mixture of psychological and physiological symptoms, but nothing I’ve tried outside of the medications has had any effect.

So far, Lunesta has been my favorite, but I’ve gotten too tolerant of it so I switched to Ambien. YMMV, but after my “posting fiasco” last night, I slept like a baby. I’m gonna try again tonight, but take it more in anticipation of insomnia, not as a reaction to it. Hopefully that will curb these late night events. We’ll see.

If I were you I’d try it out (pending doctor approval, of course). Ambien has a much shorter half-life than Lunesta so if the problem is just getting to sleep, it will hit you like a hammer, but wear off quickly. Lunesta has a slower, more steady release and will keep you sleeping longer. If you wake up frequently (or take the pseudoephedrine in the evening) that may be a better bet. Do note that about 20% of people have a strange side-effect that gives them a terrible metallic taste in their mouths for the entire next day. A few of my friends had it and won’t take Lunesta ever again for that reason.

OP: I’m going to blow your mind.


AM bien.

AM = morning.

Bien = good (in French)

Ambien = Good morning, Frenchy!

Heh. Yeah, I figured through that one before. :slight_smile:
Not nearly as interesting:


Luna = Moon.

Esta = This one. (Spanish)

Lunesta = Moon this, Spaniard! (()
Yeah… I’m reachin’. :wink:

Wow. Ambien never even made me sleepy, but another benzo I had made me start feel like I was flying a spaceship. I’m sure that, if I were posting at that time, it would have made even less sense.

I was just reminded of a video that was supposedly shot by the crew of Survivor some years ago. They all took Ambien and then had competitive sporting events. Sprints, long jumps, volleyball, and so on. The Ambiolympics or something. Damn, I always wanted to find that video.

I started a thread back in Oct when I went on Ambien. Mine was pretty coherent, but I later didn’t remember having started it. Basically I said

Now I can say that I have adjusted some to it and it no longer hits me that hard.

In contrast, I just tried Lunesta and have found it doesn’t really do too much for me.

But what about the poor little x? Is she just going to be imprisoned and forgotten?

You may want to be very careful with Ambien if you have had “interesting” history with drugs. Despite what is claimed about it being non-habit forming, in my experience, a tolerance does build up over time, and it can be abused for its hallucinogenic effects at high dosage.

I stopped taking Ambien.

Normally, I take it only on the weekends. By Monday, I was in a Pit of Despair. Waves of bleakness would wash over me. It actually hurt, how bad I was feeling. I felt like my life was hopeless, that I was trapped.

Then, by Wed or Thu, I would start feeling my old self again. Remember, I only took the Ambien Fri, Sat, and Sun night. The rest of the week I take Tylenol PM.

I remember reading somewhere that one of the side effects of Ambien is depression. I confirmed it online last week. So, this weekend, I skipped the Ambien. Monday rolled around, and I was still on my even keel.

I had this picture in my head of me hanging off a cliff. Mondays I was barely hanging on by my fingertips. By Wed or Thu, I felt like I had hauled myself so just my legs were dangling off.

This week, I’m way back from the edge of the cliff. I shudder to think where I’d be if I were taking it every night. So, no more Ambien for me.

My own recommendation is that you don’t take it more than two nights (or so) in a row…and then don’t take it until you have a sleepless night again. Especially if you can function with ONE sleepless night. Sleeping pills tend to be addicting, at the very least psychologically - and its nice to know that you CAN sleep by yourself, you just need help SOMETIMES.

Y’know. I kinda feel bad for “x”. Eternity is a long time.

To the OP: I’m sorry you’ve had such problems with insomnia; I struggle with it myself.

Still, that OP was the most awesome thing I’ve read since the ‘mushroom’ OP!

I’m a long-term Ambien user, and the only problem I have is if I run out. Then I don’t sleep. For days. Not a wink. There’s no agony like staring at a clock that reads 2:30 and being desperate for sleep so you can function the next day.