It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's Angle-Grinder Man!!

This showed up on page 4 of today’s New York Times:


Car Owner’s Hero Dresses for the Part

Long-haired and lanky, he is becoming well-known in some parts of south London. About a month ago, 25-year-old Petite Tendai arrived home to find a boot on her illegally parked car. (“There were no signs saying ‘no parking’”, she declared.) She had barely begun to rail at the injustice of it all when Angle-Grinder Man suddenly appeared.

“Basically, he jumped out of his car in his outfit and said ‘If anyone can, Angle-Grinder Man can,’” Ms. Tendai said in a telephone interview. “Then he started sawing it off. It was wicked.” He was gone almost as quickly as he came. “It was just a ‘good luck’ and what0-not, and then he was off,” she said.
The guy wears a superhero-style suit of his own making, and cuts off the immobilizing “boots” clamped on cars, something he’s been doing since his own car was booted.
I looked on the 'net, and he’s got his own Web Page:

Seems to me that if I were the taxpayers footing the bill for all of the “boots” this guy has destroyed, I’d be about grinding him.

If Angle-Grinder Man teamed up with Superbarrio and Mr. Methane, you’d have one hell of a comic book movie. I’d go see it.

Hmmm, he’s blanked out his face since I last checked up on him a few weeks back.

Bit odd to hide his face at this stage, he’s been on national morning teevee and assorted other shows.

It’s sad to see he’s reduced the shots in the Picture Galleries > Playgirl section. I rather liked his coy, yet naked, seated series.

Not all is lost, though. I see there’s a new ‘At home with . . .’ section.

And he’s stilll got the Ikea curtains. Bless!

He must live relatively near me though there’s nothing on the grapevine . .

Wouldn’t the parking agent that booted the car have taken the license number down, and then go after the owner for the parking fine as well as whatever charges are applicable for destroying the boot?

Billdo, from his ‘Political Premise’ page:

“The letter of the law actually states that placing a wheel-clamp on someone else’s vehicle, is technically trespass upon their property. This is what you would expect. If anyone else were to disable somebody’s car and hold it to ransom, as a means of extorting money from it’s owner, then that person would spend the night in a Police cell! The Mafia, Triads, and Yakusa are all banned from demanding payment through coercion, but if you have a shiny peaked cap and a council uniform, then it seems to be allowed.”