It's A Rainy Night/Morning in Georgia... The MMP

Good Mornin’/Afternoon/Evenin’ take your choice mumpers! It’s rainin’ here in Jawja. It started last night and the weather forecast says it will all day. Then a couple of sunny but cool days and then rain and cold days again. That, folks, is typical Winter weather here in south Jawja anyways. So, here’s my post about weather. Feel free to continue to discuss or hijack to heck and back like usual. :smiley:

Happy Monday!


Maybe! Good morning all, up and caffeinating here in anticipation of returning to work today. Taking one day at a time, weather-wise. IOW, I’m not going to think about tomorrow’s weather, I’ll think about that another day! /Scarlett O’Hara

Thanks for getting the ball rolling, Swampy. My daughter and I will be headed out the door in a bit; we’re going to the grocery store before I head in to work, via cab. Glad to hear that TomKitten is improving, LiLi. Hope any others who have been sick are well on the road to recovery. Spaz, big hugs to you - I forgot to wish you luck earlier. The caffeine hasn’t kicked in all the way, so hugs to everyone else too, and I’m sorry if I’ve forgotten anything!

Happy Monday. :slight_smile:

It’s that confusing time of day in Spain, when noon has already struck but lunch hasn’t been eaten. The sun is shining, max temps today are expected to reach 12ºC (brrrrr!).

Last Saturday was quite nice; I’d already washed a load of darks and hung them to dry around the apartment but when I saw the sun was out and temps were well on their way to 20ºC, I grabbed the trousers and took them up to the clothesline.

Which had been taken over by a squatter! :eek:

I don’t know who it was and the numbers showing it’s my line had gone from “faint” to “uh?”; I hung my clothes in the space that was left, took them down hours later…

Sunday was nice again. Load of lights, including bedsheets: the neighbor’s clothes were still on my line, fairly drenched as it had rained. I moved them over to the next line over and hung mine: the neighbor’s clothes were still there when I went to get mine.

Will a note appear on the corkboard at the entrance asking “who moved my clothes”? Will Goldilocks not even notice that her clothes got moved? The answer… who knows when.

(Yes, I know it was the bears’ things which had been touched. But in this case, it was the squatter’s things)

It’s the same story up here just South of Macon, Swampy. I’d hoped to do and hang laundry outside for that awesome fresh, breezy smell but… no such luck. Guess they’ll have to hang indoors and smell like nothing. I’m so jealous of Nava!!
I woke up to 3 emails full of issues to be dealt w/ good and bad (though mostly frustrating) so that’s been my morning so far. It’s Monday, so calls to make I couldn’t make yesterday, bank errands to run and I’m out of fruit. :smack:

Up, caffeinated, off to irk. No rain yet.

It’s good to see that the weather isn’t a totally British obsession! It’s cold here, temps were below freezing again last night but today it’s bright and sunny.

I’m eating my lunch so it is definitely afternoon already but I’m not sure where the morning went as I am sure last time I looked at the clock it was well before mid-morning. Ho hum. Is someone stealing my time again?

Misty here this morning. Andy the GSD has to go in for knee surgery due to a torn ACL. I have his leash on him this morning, after taking him for a walk. Spike the cat keeps pouncing on the dragging leash and laying on top of it.


Good mornin’ all. I’m up early, didn’t sleep well. I have 2 doctor’s appts today, one a hearing test and the other to get a thing removed from my lip.

Overcast and warmish this morning. We have a cold front on its way, though.

I’m staying home from work today. I couldn’t sleep very well with a combination of stuffy nose and terrible reflux. I’m still in a fog. I got up with the alarm at 4:30, fed the dogs and went back to bed.

At 6:00, Dad turned on my light and woke me out of a VERY sound sleep, worried that I was late to work. So I got up and told him I was sick - which took forever because he wasn’t wearing his hearing aid. :rolleyes:

I got up again at 7:30, and Dad told me he fed the dogs. :rolleyes: I had already fed them, and anyway, they were in the bedroom with me. They stay with me until I get out of bed. So I picked up all their dishes and refrigerated their food.

Now I’m sitting here with an upset stomach. The only thing I HAVE to do today is go by the bank. I’ll do that in a few minutes. I see a nap in my future…

Have a good day, Mumpers.

It was 4 hours and change drive time to get to irk. The trip was uneventful, but I did have roadside encounters with 3 different herds of deer and one skunk. Fortunately, I missed them all.

Wednesday forecast calls for an ice storm. Joy of joys…

Carry on.


Anyone seeing my marbles, please report in

::watches marbles skitter by::

Ummm…MBG?? Were those yours?

:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Am up, have started some dishes and started to attack the office.

Looks like we’re going to get freezing rain and then rain out of the storm that is headed this way. Hopefully the snow line won’t move and hit us.

Off to be productive.



FOG. We had thick as baby’s vomit fog this morning. Thick as Boudreaux Butt Paste. Pea soup doesn’t even begin to cover it. I’m glad I got in to work early, so we missed all the crazy traffic.

How’s everybody doing?

It was sunny and warm yesterday and it’s cloudy and a bit cooler today. Last I looked it’s supposed to rain in the middle of this week. checks Yep, rain’s moving in today. Good, it’ll get some more of the salt off my car.

Culinary Boy went off to his interview. When he gets back I’ll get the car inspected. I was going to scrape the tint off the windows yesterday because I hate getting charged extra for it (it’s right at the legal limit), but never did. Oh well.

I saw fourteen wild turkeys in someone’s yard when I was walking around the rich people’s neighborhood Saturday. I think they live in the woods around there. The turkeys, not the rich people.

Today isn’t bad but tomorrow and Wednesday are going to be that “wintery mix” western PA is known for with snow, rain, freezing rain, hail, sleet, frogs, locusts, auto-body repair shops dancing in glee and all the other usual fun. Not being a first-born son I usually don’t worry about it but my arthritis and back have both been not good and a cane in ice is an acquired talent I never acquired.

MBG - I saw the cat playing with one last night - I think it’s under the fridge, now.

We got snow overnight and through the morning but it appears to have stopped now. Which is good, but I was all set to try to convince our manager that we should be allowed to leave at 3 and work from home after that. I even brought my lunch in and am eating at my desk in preparation for that. But it doesn’t look like conditions are going to justify that. For anyone keeping score at home, yes, it is true that I live less than a mile from work. But the way the roads are configured and the timing of the lights is set, on a snowy day it’ll take 45 minutes to go the 3/4 mile home. So it’s well worth it to leave at 3, have a 5 minute commute, and log back on from home. Way more productive. But given the sunshine outside right now, I don’t think the drive home will be bad tonight.

KT grilled a pork tenderloin last night and I made butternut squash risotto. It was good.

It’ll get nice enough down here in the South to lure you to do some pruning and even a little planting, then WHAM, here comes the wintery twenterys again. Even that though, four nights under freeze warning, is NOTHING compared to what many of you have to go through.

May your snow shovels be light and your snow tires bitey.

What was nice warm sunny weather over the weekend has been replaced with cold, dreary gloom.

What was gloomy soulless beige in the kitchen is now a nice fresh green. Think the color was called Boston Fern. Some funky electrical has been sorted out and the place looks a whole lot better.

The weathergeeks are prepping us for another Major Snow Event.

I hate weather people.