It's A Rainy Night/Morning in Georgia... The MMP

Honest to Og, this is a true story that happened yesterday.

The water heater at The VunderLair sits next to my stove in the kitchen. It is a replacement unit, the previous having died in the line of duty a couple of years ago. The old one was in a steel cabinet that vaguely looked kitchen-y, and the new one didn’t fit inside, despite having tried.

So, I’m building a new surround for the heater, and I had to go to Lowe’s yesterday to buy stuff for the project. After finding some masonite beaded panels that would look good as sides, I needed a way to fasten the top to the frame, and headed to the proper aisle.

A very nice looking blonde female clerk asked if I needed assistance, so being the smart-ass I am, I asked if they had any childhood innocence and youthful idealism. As is standard, she looked confused until she realized I was messing with her. Another customer came by and took her to the other end of the aisle where he needed help, saving me from the embarrasment of telling her in public that I was looking for a screw.

What were once vices are now habits.

Ooop, sorry, that got me headed down a different path altogether.

Home from irk on a gloomy, dreary day. I left due to the invasion of the income tax preparation people to set up their stuff. Starting tomorrow and every Monday and Tuesday thereafter untl April 18th, they will be there to help folks who are elderly and/or have low to moderate incomes do their taxes. It’s a good thing but it makes for many folk in a small space.

Country fried steak, squash, field peas, rice and gravy and bizkits for dindin. YUM! It’s a comfort food kinda day at da cave.

Hey y’all, the sky is overcast and it’s chilly out there by PNW standards, but it’s barely sweater weather for me, and I will have cast the sweater aside by the time I get out of the dentist’s office. This time is only a cleaning and general poking around, but I am concerned. Suggestions of deep cleaning and potential bone and/or tissue grafting have been made. :eek:

Otherwise, it’s just another manic Monday for me, I had to call the post office again and complain. My carrier doesn’t appear to want to deliver my mail, parcels in particular. I was polite but made it clearly known that I was irritated. I let them know that I did work as the assistant post master in Alaska and I know how things are supposed to work.

In the big picture though, I have seen crocus and daffs poking up from the earth, my lilac has buds on it, and I am still totally blissed out in my new home! So here is to the beginning of what had just better be a great week for all of us!

I’m here! I’m here! We were out all morning having Fun (means shopping and going to the Science Centre. We have a membership. We go there a lot).

Mr. Lissar and I watched the first part of Brideshead Revisited last night. The older version, not the new one which looks like it sucks. It was awesome. It’s one of my three favourite books and the film (look, I know I’m late to the party and it’s been out twenty years) was perfect.
TomKitten is nearly recovered but quite sleepy and still taking meds, which is as much fun as giving a cat pills.

As **BBBobbio **reported, we’re being threatened with crap weather. I think tomorrow in DC is already declared an unscheduled leave/telework day. If it gets icy overnight, we’ll have a delayed start, but that’s about it.

**FCD **called me this morning, royally pissed off. In this UAV, there’s a cable that connects the computer to the autopilot. It’s kinda important, as the thing can’t fly without it. You’d think such an important component would merit, oh, I dunno, a spare available, ya think? Well the cable doesn’t work, and of course, there is no spare. He had no idea how long it would take to get a spare built. And since he hasn’t called me this afternoon, I’m assuming he’s still stuck in Yuma. He is not happy. Nor am I. I want my sweetie home, dammit!

Daughter is tutoring this afternoon, so she won’t be home for another 2 hours or so. I need to figure out what to make for supper. I really don’t feel like cooking, but I’m tired of going out. Maybe it’s a mac-n-cheese day?

I’m ready for Firday. Or retirement - whichever comes first.

FCM, not to be nosey but that Yuma flight… tell me it’s not the 3:10.

We’re supposed to get some absurd amount of snow tomorrow and Wednesday. I’m glad we got out today.

**lieu **- :stuck_out_tongue:

But at the rate this trip is going, it could end up being 3/10…

wiki, they’re like tiny black eyed peas, and they’re yummy!

Feeling better, but I’m still tired. Dinner shall be grilled burgers and baked fries.

I’ll second your idea of not going out, Mooooooom. I need ideas for stuff to cook in a hotel room that has a kitchenette. I brought with me groceries to cover brekkies and munch, but not din-din.

1730 appointment to sign the lease on the house.

**BBBobbio **- ramen noodles and jars of peanut butter. You’re welcome. :smiley:

I made homemade mac-n-cheese, which I haven’t done in ages. Daughter is on her way home, and I still haven’t heard from my sweetie. I don’t want to call him in case he’s in the middle of a test.

Charley tried to sneak into the house. Taz was at the door hissing. It could be ugly if the two of them got together. I took Charley a glop of gushy food and some fresh water. S/he’ll just have to deal.

Today is 65 and sunny in Cental CA. That is about the only thing I like about living here. That is what passes for winter apart from the few days of foggy ick we get.

Other than that work is worky and I am wondering if I will make my trip this week due to the weather in the North East. We shall see!

Wiki what Rebo said re field peas. :smiley: Apparently we southern USAers eat all kinds of peas other folks never heard of.

Speakin’ of which, dindin is et and was teh num! OYKW was excitated about leftovers for lunch. Tomorrow will be chikin 'n dumplin’s which shoulda been tonight’s dindin since the chikin was already cooked and all but well, I changed my mind. So There! :stuck_out_tongue:

Bobbio: How about some frozen or canned vegetables? You can just zap them a bowl in the microwave. Or various raw fruits and veggies? Single-serving cans of chili? You could zap one and maybe serve it over a small potato or two?

Glad you’re doing so well, wiki.

These macaroon/brownie bars sound sooooo yummy.

I went to run a bunch of errands, including groceries, since it sounds like tomorrow will be a housebound day instead of one where I get to go out to visit a friend and do some other running around. Boo.

And now we’re going out for a walk because it’ll be messy the next couple of days.

Woo and hoo.



i thought I posted, dammit!
I came in here thinking I’d just skim down to my post and read from there. No such luck! :smack:

It’s been overcast and chilly here, so of course I had to drive all over Portland and Tigard buying stuffs. Got back aboout 4pm with sallits from TJs for Wifey and myself. Dindin later tonight will be some kind of sausages from Costco and maybe a squash. I found some sausages we’ve never tried before. Didn’t find my lactase pills though. They’ve hidden them again. :mad:

Wiki, don’t let the crocuses fool ya, those idiots will bloom through the snow. :eek:

Taxi, butternut squash risotto? Do tell. :smiley:

GT I thought that said macaroni brownies at first. :eek: :smack:

That’s the news from Orygun.

Lease signed, water service changed, new phone number and Intartoobz ordered, and ecceltricity order submitted to have it turned back on :mad:. Bastards cut the power, and I hope the pipes don’t freeze in the meantime. If they do, it ain’t my problem, cuz the house is a rental…

Din-din was leftover stuffed jalapenos I brought along and forgot about until I was loading the fridge from my cooler. I bought some frozen stuffed peppers, chicken parmesan, and a couple oriental concoctions from the local grocery. I don’t do ramen, and I despise peanut butter.

I may have found some teenies do help me Sunday with my mini-move. That’s what churches are good for… :wink:

The thing on my lip was removed with no pain and very little bleeding. That’s the good news. The bad news is the ringing in my right ear is probably not curable. I have to have an MRI to rule out a brain tumor. (Ringing in just one ear is unusual)
I’m sure I don’t have a brain tumor. I’ll be really pissed if I do!

Andy came through his knee surgery okay. The vet says it’ll be 6-8 weeks of crate rest, which will be hard with the rest of the dogs around.

Dinner was Papa Murphy’s chicken, artichoke and bacon thin crust pizza. it’s was yum.


I went from 66 and sunny yesterday, to 40s and cloudy today, and it’s supposed to be 68 and rainy on Wednesday.