It's all about FREEDOM, people.........

The images on TV a couple days ago of all those joyous Iraqi citizens celebrating their newly aquired freedom were reminiscent of 1989 when all those East and West Germans were partying on top of the wall as it crumbled under their feet…it stirred the emotions now just the same as it did then.
It was beautiful!
I know of some people that claim the only reason we have troops in Iraq is because of oil (!)
The only thing I can think to ask of those that believe this is, “Which little birdie that dropped out of the skies of idiotville whispered THAT in your ear?!?” Did this military campaign go by the name “Operation Iraqi Oil”? NO! It was “Operation Iraqi Freedom”.
How can you look at the footage of those jubilant, freed Iraqis chanting “thank you, President Bush”, while kissing American soldiers in the streets, and not know the true reason we are there? Those proud, previously oppressed people are also chanting “Oh, Iraq” because the country that they love, that they yearned to have back for the last 24 years, has been returned to them. And I, for one, am DAMN proud to call myself a citizen of a country with the leadership, resolve and might to be able to help these people realize their dream!
I think all the nay-sayers, Hollywood communists and anti-Bush-rhetoric-mongers should be tied down in front of TV sets showing 24 hour CNN coverage of all those happy-to-be-free Iraqi citizens tearing that Hussein statue apart and dragging its head through the city streets, as children throw trash on it. Then let the Barbara Streisands, Martin Sheens and Cheryl Crows (etc.) talk of how our military presence over there is so unjust, inhumane and un-called for.
Theres some funny joke that we are all only six degrees seperated from Kevin Bacon. (Why HIM, I have NO clue…) Anyway, wouldn’t it be a blast if that were true of, say, any of the above mentioned communists, er, “artists”? Ah, a guy can only dream…Because if theres a chance that its true, then if we ALL forward this to EVERYBODY on our email address lists, then with any luck at all maybe it’ll wind up on old Bab’s laptop or PC…
Well, if any of our esteemed, albeit clueless, comrades from Hollywood, Kalifornia should happen to get this…


Central Calif.

These seem to be the latest administration talking points to try to divert people’s attention from the fact that Iraq has collapsed into lawless anarchy. I’m waiting until Monday for Rush to tell me what else I should be thinking, and pretending not to notice.

I find it extremely amusing that in a rant about FREEDOM, the OP states:

Yeah. That’s “freedom” all right.


I find it extremely amusing that in a rant about FREEDOM, the OP states:

Yeah. That’s “freedom” all right.


I already have my own country! Can I still comment then?

And when those made-for-TV moments stop, the looting starts. The country descends into bloody anarchy, while US troops stand idly by doing what?

Sacking of government offices I could understand. Hated symbols of oppression and all that. But hospitals? The Museum of Antiquities? Wholesale destruction and theft of priceless artifacts that have endured the test of thousands of years of history, only to crumble at the hands of ignorant looters.

Some liberation, eh? I think those with ultrapatriot leanings should examine the uglier side of the issue before heaping praise upon a very flawed execution of “liberation”.

And I’m still waiting for those incredibly dangerous unaccounted for “weapons of mass destruction” to be unveiled, not just a few barrels in a bunker that could have been pesticide. Weren’t disarmament and control of WMDs the pretexts of the war?


I agree that the Iraqi people were oppressed. I agree that Saddam Hussein was working on WMD programs. I agree that had he continued working on WMD, he would have posed a serious threat to the region. (For example, I’d hate to think what would happen if Saddam had nuclear-tipped Scuds aimed at Israel.) I agree that it’s better for the world if Saddam were removed from power.

But I don’t agree with the methods. Yes, we – the United States – would almost certainly have had to invade. But we style ourselves a “Nation of Laws”. We are supposed to respect the Law. We agreed, by being a member of the United Nations, to abide by International Laws and the decisions of the UN. I think that by invading Iraq without a Resolution, we are in breach of the UN Charter because the Charter forbids a nation from attacking another nation unless the former is attacked, or is in imminent danger of attack, by the latter. Iraq was not an immediate threat to the U.S. I didn’t like Saddam’s regime, and I’ll shed no tears upon his verified demise; but I think we should have worked within the laws. France said it would veto any resolution that lead to war? Fine. Let them veto it. But by our Democracy, we must put it to a vote. It may have been that the U.S. exhausted all legal measures. If we had done that, then we would have had more time to position our forces and perhaps our supply lines would not have been vulnerable to guerilla attack.

I am glad Saddam is gone. But I think we were too quick on the trigger. We’re the Good Guys. The Good Guys aren’t supposed to use force until absolutely necessary. By ignoring the laws that we supposedly hold so dear, we lose some moral high ground. Some people want us to be the world’s policemen. Some people see police forces as something to be feared.

We say that we, the citizens, are the government. Yet the government did not listen to the people. We are supposed to be in charge. We are not.

Now there is a Department of Homeland Security. There is the Patriot Act. People who disagree with the government – the very people who are supposed to take an interest in what the government does – are liable to be put under suspiscion. I value the Bill of Rights. I think that people’s right to express themselves must be protected. I think that a person’s right to own a gun should be protected. I think that a person has the right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure, including government snooping and “fishing expiditions”. I believe that a person has the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty. And so on.

I fear for our freedom.

Welcome to SDMB, cartfanhef!

This is one of the stupidest first posts I’ve ever seen. Operation Iraqi Freedom, not Iraqi Oil… DEVASTATING point.

Yeah, all those anti-war types will feel pretty stupid when the Bush administration magnanimously refuses to exploit the Iraqi oil reserves, and withholds from granting contracts to corporations like Halliburton out of principle.

Uhhh…Halliburton already has a contract.

It’s worth up to 7 Billion. That’s billion with a B. No bids…just handed to Halliburton.

You know the rules. Unless you have the Statue of Liberty Wonder you have to go through a period of anarchy before you can select the new form of government.

I think it’s great that the Iraqi people no longer have to live under Saddam Hussein. I think it’s incorrect, however, to say that GWB* was waged just because the Iraqi people had to live under Saddam Hussein. I will get behind you in saying, “God bless America,” though. And God bless Iraq, Zaire, and Antarctica for that matter.

Welcome to the SDMB, cartfanhef.

*GWB . . . in 1991, we had Gulf War A, or GWA; now we have Gulf War B, or GWB, also the initials of the current United States president. Very clever, and I wish I came up with it. I wish I knew which Doper did come up with calling the Second Persian Gulf War GWB so I could give credit where credit is due. FWIW, I first saw GWB in a GQ thread some time ago–a month?–but I don’t know who the poster was.

So, in the “land of the free” I can’t dislike the President?


I DESPISE the man. I’m still on the fence about what we’ve done. That does NOT MAKE ME UNAMERICAN NO MATTER WHAT YOU THINK! I HAVE THE RIGHT TO DESPISE HIM!

Not in Orange County, where I work! (O.C. = “Reagan Country” = “Behind the Orange Curtain”)

Oh, and you can’t go to Cuba.

Hahahaha, Civilization really does have its political lessons, doesn’t it? I seriously got more hard-nosed about international relations because of that game. I’m perfectly sympathetic to oil wars, how are you supposed to build the tanks you need to gain leverage in negotiations without it?!


Ye gads, Orange County. Anyone who complains about California being excessively liberal has not accounted for the counterbalancing effects of Orange County, which easily out-politicizes Hollywood, San Francisco, and Marin County on a typical day.

And yeah, I’m stuck working there too.


I’m hoping the OP is a joke and there aren’t actually people that stupid out there.

(Not referring to pro-war people per se, because there are a lot of smart hawks on these boards, with whom I respectfully disagree. I’m referring to the sheer inanity of the OP. Yeah, you can tell a lot about the motives of the war by analyzing its name. And all countries called “People’s Republics” are true human-rights-respecting democracies. Oh yeah, and I really can’t believe it’s not butter.)

I am an atheist. I started to write a post about how arrogant and offensive I found this . . . statement.

However, after giving it some thought, I decided I’d rather go try to catch up on the “Spit or Swallow” thread.

OG bless blowjobs, for they make strong men weak and susceptible to manipulation! :wink: