It's all about FREEDOM, people.........

Well don’t you know this automatically makes you un-American.

This would probably be a more productive use of your time & a hell of a lot less frustrating.

If OG is going to start blessing blowjobs, I’m going to start worshiping him/her.

Another convert to OG!!!

Okay, I rarely post messages to this effect, but I LOL’ed. My roommate was asleep, so there will now be an uncomfortable few moments.

Technically firing at our planes is an act of war. So the bolded part of your post applies.

Technically, our planes were in violation of their airspace*, so your reply is incorrect.

  • An action I supported.

I supported this war, albeit reluctantly, for reasons I’ve given elsewhere. And I think you have every right, cartfanhef, to be pleased at what this country did to remove Saddam Hussein, and be proud of our President for having done it.

That said, this sticks in my craw:

Any person with as little concept of what the freedoms for which this country stands as to say something like this – well, I certainly can’t say that they should find another one, now, can I?

But AFAIK your next post should be an essay on why opposition to the Administration in office at a given moment is a valuable right that Americans take all too lightly – good men have given their lives to preserve that right.

And California’s spelled with a ‘C’, dipshit.



Your name doesn’t happen to be Jean Teasdale, does it?

While I am still on the fence as to the OP (joke or not), I can with 100% assurance inform you that this particular hope of yours is about to be dashed. So sorry, I really wish that things were different. :frowning:

For the love of Og, say it ain’t so!

Welcome to Wooshville. Population: You. :stuck_out_tongue:

We were in their airspace, maybe - the UN sort of took that airsapce right away with the treaty they signed, and we were allowed to be in that airspace anyway according to the treaty they signed.

So anyway you slice it it’s still an act of war.

I think I read that there may be a judicial ruling on the legitimacy of that “contract.” I certainly hope so!

Cartfanhef said:

Do you believe that the people of Iraq should have the freedom to criticize their new leaders (when they are in place) – or must they again remain silent if they believe something is wrong?



Since this is your first post on the SDMB, let me explain to you the importance of ‘post discipline’.

See, you could write the most brilliant post in the history of the SDMB. You could solve hunger, fix the Palestinian problem, and solve Fermat’s theorem all in the same post.

But if you then add something a little shaky or silly at the end of that glorious missive, all the good stuff will be completely ignored, and the one bad sentence at the end will be seized upon by your opponents to show how ‘stupid’ you are.

You had a good point about Iraqi freedom. It DOES take away the moral case against war when the people you are invading are cheering and kissing you.

Should have left it at that.

So morals aren’t absolute. They depend on whether x-number of people cheer you, or whether they throw feces at you? Is that the test? Horseshit!

Hey, what happened to the OPer? Do you think he wandered off to look for the “S or S” thread and got lost?

I should have posted a link to make it easy for him. :frowning:


Just wanted to point out that the title of this thread is a lot funnier if you imagine it being said by Richard Simmons.
Heh heh.

I’ll go elsewhere now.


Is there anything that isn’t made funnier if you imagine it being said by Richard Simmons?

“Hi, I’m your new roommate!”

Not funny at all.