It's Ground HOG Day, dagbaggit!

I was about to go to the supermarket, but my wife called and offered to go in my place. I read her the list, and said we’d need sausage for Ground Hog Day. I mentioned the store had Johnsonville Brats and other J-ville sausages on sale, 'cause it’s Superb Owl week.

She came home with a marvelous assortment of food. We were packing it into the refrigerator and pantry, and she showed me the sausage. I said, “Well, that’s nice, but we’ll have to go back before Saturday.” She bought, out of all the J-ville varieties, turkey brats and beef brats. “It’s not Ground Turkey Day, or Ground Cow Day. We gotta have ground hog. Where’s your sense of tradition?”

Right now, she’s headed to Strong’s, a mom-and-pop grocery that grinds their own Italian sausage.


I wish we had Superb Owl Week down here in the antipodes.

Nottwife came back from her errand. Strong’s was closed for the day, she said. She went to a more generic grocery, and she came back with a 1 pound roll of Bob Evans Savory Sage. Now, Bob Evans makes some very nice sausage, but it doesn’t compare with Strong’s Italian. It wasn’t entirely disappointing, though. She found a 6 pack of Bad Elmer’s Porter (Upland.) We can drink some of that while watching the Superb Owl on Sunday. :smiley:

I must be missing something. What is Superb Owl week?

It’s what my spell checker insists is the proper spelling of “Superbowl.”

I had just realized that and came back to edit. Somehow I completely missed hearing much about it this year so the event hasn’t really crossed my radar.

I’m still waiting for another Superboob week ala Janet Jackson.

Paula Abdul is doing something for this year right? Come on boobage!

The National Football League® (nuffle) is uncommonly vigorous in its defense of its trademark of its championship game. There are tales of little corner bars getting cease & desist letters for having the sacred name on a sign. Some joints get around it by moving a letter. “Superb Owl party on Sunday.”

I like to tweak the Nuffle’s nose by always spelling it “Superb Owl.” :rolleyes:

How much ground round could a hound dog hog if a hound dog hogged ground round?

Excuse me, it’s “dangnabbit” not “dagbaggit”.


I thought it was “bobsaget.”

OK, not really. I grew up with “dagnabbit.”

Urban Dictionary lists numerous variations:


I really like “dagbaggit,” though.

There was an old man from Dangnabbit
Who gave all his cash to a rabbit…

“They say we’re young and we don’t know
We won’t find out until we grow…”

I will be watching the yard very closely today to see if our ground hog aka Hogger, who has lived under our shed for the past two years, will appear today. It is unseasonably warm for this time of year so maybe that sucker will show his face.

Oh and it is my mothers birthday today. She does not resemble a ground hog or does she reside under the shed. Shes does like carrots though.

Heeeee! We had Ground Hog last night, in the form of some very nice homemade Italian Sausage pizzas. I used the Johnsonville. It was yummy!

Incidentally Punxsatawney Phil (in PA) saw his shadow today, but General Beauregard Lee (in GA) did not. It’s the third time in a row that they’ve differed. I guess that means more winter in the north, but early spring in the south? :confused:

Mmmmm. Owl.

Does that taste anything like bald eagle?

And Sir Walter Wally here in North Carolina saw his shadow, so we’ll be having six more weeks of winter here. Or, as a friend of mine mis-stated yesterday, “six more weeks of Christmas”. (As if the four months of Christmas weren’t long enough.)

Oh! Do you have a link for an article on Sir Walter Wally?! His was one of the names I read off for my K-1 media lessons on Groundhog day this past week. I’m printing all I can find for a display in the Media Center, then we are writing Haiku (simple American Kindergarten/First Grade Haiku, so no purists get upset) about Spring and groundhogs.
I have articles printed out for Phil and Beau.

Hey youse!

Staten Island Chuck sez early spring. Deal with it.

When we lived in a small town in Ohio years ago, the guy who did the farm reports at the local radio station came up with Buckeye Chuck. No idea if he’s still prognosticating, however. :smiley:

I heard about it on my TWC news channel this morning, but I found this article online. I notice that it also claims that Sir Walter Wally has a higher accuracy rate than Punxsutawney Phil.