It's late....bite me!

It’s very late, or very early depending how you like to look at it. Just came in from 11hrs of working, yikes.

Oh yeah, and Bite Me!

I’m kind of disappointed more forums aren’t working, but I feel for the hard working mods who have to deal with all this.

Oh yeah, and Bite Me!

At the event I worked tonight I saw the worst possible mans jacket. I swear this guy wore it in highschool. It was too small, ugly, sleeves to short, too tight. Cracked me up.

Oh yeah, and Bite Me!

There were a couple of kids at this event that I thought would explode from drinking an ocean of Coca Cola. But they remained polite and pretty good really.

Oh yeah, and Bite Me!

Don’t you love the pit?

No good movies came out this weekend.

I mean, come on… Frequency? Gossip? Who wants to see this shit? And is it just me, or do Natalie Portman’s tits look bigger in the trailer for Where the Heart is? Padded perhaps?

I’m holding out for Gladiator next week.

[Homer Simpson}Natalie Portman’s Tits…mmmmm… :: drool :: [/Homer Simpson]

Bite me!!!