It's Moanday Somewhere - A MMP

Well, back to work in 12 hours. It still feel weird having more than 1 day off in a row, or even having a holiday off. Cone Dog was grateful for the time with his human, though. Of course I don’t have vacation time yet, so this works.:smiley:

[Coffee Talk]I’m all verklempt, talk amongst yourselves[/Coffee Talk]

It’s been Monday here for a fair while. I’m about over it and looking forward to going home from work in about an hour.

So hows the hangovers from the 4th of July weekend?

Being a non-drinker, I’m good. :smiley:

Wednesday is going to involve a lot of dental work, so I’m very glad my supervisor is a kind person and found my request to have both Wednesday (my usual day off anyway) and Thursday off this week (need Thursday for some recovery) to be reasonable.

It’s now Monday in the Mountain Time Zone, so …

Doggio. so sorry about Gordie’s chewing. Hope the cone helps him with that! And thanks to all who wished me well with the home health care nursing for my leg sores. Good thoughts on that are very much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Hope everyone has a good day today! LOL Yeah, I know, Monday…

Happy Moonday!

Sorry but Moonday is my easiest day of the week, usually, so no moaning from me.

It’s dark and 74 degrees outside. I have my window open but I’ll be closing later in the morning. It’s supposed to get up to 91 today.

No hangover for me either, I just don’t get into drinking anymore. I probably should, it’s great at relieving MY tension, I can’t help what it does to everybody else.

Doggio for whatever reason I read it as Gordie got a pine cone stuck in his arse.

I go to the hospital for my tests today. I’m not wanting to go, although I’m sure it’s nothing more than a blood test and a chest e-ray, and filling out gobs of paper-irk. I’m supposed to get there at least 20 minutes before my appointment to fill out paper-irk. Which makes me wonder why don’t they just make the appointments 20 minutes earlier.
I don’t know why I’m nervous but I am.

I am about a third of the way through my Monday and so far it’s going quite well. OK, so that means I haven’t had to punch anyone yet so it’s all good…

Doggio - I must have missed something important from last week. Why does Gordie have a cone and is it stuck up his arse?

Sari, hope the doc’s appointment goes well. It is very silly that they don’t schedule your appointment time long enough to include filling out forms, maybe they like to think that is an unimportant bit of the process so it doesn’t warrant being part of the official appointment!

Nettie, I hates the dentist thus if nothing hurts, I don’t bother to go. Works for me! Hope you don’t have to spend too much time recovering though. Does not sound like fun.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’. YAWN 'Tis 73 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 92 for the day. Hawt, but not too hawt, so there’s that.

Sari hope all goes well at the doc today. Appropriate/inappropriate appendages will be crossed.

Nettie ick! I’m with BooFae on not likin’ the dentist. Appropriate/inappropriate appendages will be crossed for you as well.

Herbs appropriate/inappropriate appendages crossed for your home health visit.

Ok, that’s all I got. I need more caffiene and rumbly tummy is hongry. Then, alas and alack, irk purtification must commence.

Happy Moanday Y’all!


I’s at irk this morning. VWife was being a real PITA, insisting I stay home longer and blocking any prep work I did for going. I finally chewed her out and told her that it’s not her call whether I go to irk or not.

Fortunately, I have a desk job and a comfy chair.

Back from the gym. There’s a load of freshly laundered shorts hanging on the lines and a load of t-shirts and miscellany in the washer right now. The dishwasher is washing dishes and Higgs is noisily licking her feet behind me. **FCD **is enroute to the paint store to get some stuff so he can proceed with work on his fenders. He’s got a really neat skull and crossbones that will go on the back fender, but I don’t know if he’s decided what’ll go on the front fender.

I’ve got 4 Amish cucumbers that will become cuke salad. And I’m thinking about making a mantle clock out of clay - I’ve got a few ideas, but I need to think about it some more before I get to work on it. Thanks to the heat, I don’t intend to do anything outside beyond laundry.

**sari **- I’m guessing appointments aren’t scheduled earlier because people would complain “I was supposed to see the doctor 20 minutes ago!!!” when in fact, the extra time was paperwork time. And for someone like me, that would be especially annoying because it’s never taken more than about 5 minutes for me to fill out the forms. Anyway, that’s my theory.

**BBBobbio **- have fun at the orifice! Find a flunkie to fetch for you! :smiley:

So, Happy Moanday, all!

My Moanday will be spent driving home. Blurf.

We were so busy with holiday events that I didn’t get to smoke brisket and ribs until yesterday, meaning they had 4 days to sit in a nice dalmation rub and soak in the goodness. Holy cow, they’ve never been so flavorful and tender and now they’ll be there all week for snacking and sammitches.

lake Travis was depressing to see, still down over 50 feet. Buncha docks laying on the ground way back from the water level around the lake, sad.

What’s the deal with everyone’s teeth? I gots a Thursday appt too.

In other news, summer is here and it’s hotter’n Hades.

Now I’m up for reals.

Window has been closed, it already feels hot.

My appointment isn’t until 3pm, so I figure I need to be out of here around noon, that gets me to my friend’s house around 12:45. I’ll have a chance to relax and shoot the shit until 1:30 or so. She suggested we get some lunch but I think I’d rather wait until after the appointment to go out to eat. I got my money together for the tolls and parking. Now I need to get cleaned up and out the door.

**FCM ** You’re probably right, but in what dream world are people ever taken on time for their appointments, and even if you are then you sit in the exam room for a half hour.

Once all this medical stuff gets cleared up then I need to see a dentist too.

**sari **- I can understand appointments running later as the day goes one, but one time, I was first appointment of the day and the Dr was still 20 minutes late. It pissed me off because I gook the first appointment to minimize how much work I missed. As far as I’m concerned, the OB/GYN is the only one who has a built-in excuse - babies come when they come.

I’ve been looking at jobs and coming to the depressing realization that I have no skills and am completely useless in today’s market. I’m sure I actually have skills, but my negativity has decided to come out to play today. It’s just a bit wearing to see that every job you might be good at has a *minimum *requirement of three years experience in the exact job they’re hiring for. :rolleyes:

Today is also seven years since my mom died, so I’m sure that’s playing no part at all in my feelings on the subject.

Hmmm…something good, something good. I’m reading Dorothy Parker’s literary reviews and they’re absolutely hilarious. I’ve burst out laughing many, many times and that’s something that hasn’t happened since the last time I read a Dave Barry book. I need to read more Dave Barry.

Up and caffeinated.


Gordie is wearing the Cone of Shame because he was chewing the fur off his tail. Saturday night he got a pine cone stuck to the lower rim of the cone. His arse is foreign object free.


My first day at work since last Tuesday, and that was a no-power-shortened day.

This whole working for a living business is for the birds.

Mundayne here all day long - gonna be 96f so I’m staying inside with the AC on. I got puffy feet,so gotta go back to bed and keep the feets up.
My friend with a dog reports that all the dogs she meets are itchy and chewing and scratching their skin off… Her dog has always had bad alergies,so she wasn’t making the connection that it’s everybody. I blame the dust we’re getting from Africa. I hafta rinse off as soon as I come inside.

**CatDude **- do what I did - retire! :smiley:

Laundry is all done. Time to make the cucumber salad. Off to the kitchen…

I think I’m starting perimenopause. :mad:

I want to sleep all the time, I’m snapping at everything, and I’m horribly bloated.

I swear, when I get to heaven, I’m gonna kick God in the crotch.

There is nothing funnier than a dog in the Cone of Shame. “Hey, the lamp’s running away.”