It's Monday Somewhere: a very early MMP

That is good to know Swampy pine trees have rough bark and from past experience in a park, there are certain parts of ones anatomy which should never make contact with pine needles. At least it wasn’t poison ivy.

I have a story that could start us off tomorrow if y’all want. What say you all?

no argument from me

Do it, bear! :smiley: Um, how much TMI is in your story??

And another weekend winds down. I’ve made a few more hats, and I’ll try to do a couple more before we head to Mom’s on Saturday. Altho I’ve made so many, I wonder if they still need some? Next week, I’ll switch back to shawls and afghans.

Still need chocolate, dammit.

Game on!

All in favor of swampy starting us off tomorrow?


All opposed?

:: crickets ::

The ayes have it, da Bear will start us off with TMI and ground hog biscuits!

So mote it be! The MMP is written and will be posted earlyish tomorrow mornin’. No TMI was harmed in the makin’ of next week’s MMP, but 'tis a good story which does not matter cause it’ll just get hijacked to heck and back anyway like a good MMP should! :smiley:

Back from deheathenating (those who are so inclined, California would greatly appreciate prayers for rain/snow). Now enjoying Hallmark’s Kitten Bowl.

We went to Bob Evans for lunch yesterday. I’ve never been there and got the chicken potpie, which was a bit creamy but good.
Anyway they had bread on sale, 2 loaves for $8. I bought chocolate for me and pumpkin for Sah-son.

There’s this show on Fox right now. There are men in real tight pants tacklin’ each other and such. I am in shock! Excited, mind you, but shocked that such a thing would be on network teevee in prime time!

Denver forgot how to football.

I believe this is some sort of sporting event, Swampy.

So, this means Fox won’t be showing what appears to be soft gay Pr0n on Sunday nights as a regular thing? AWWWWWWWWW MAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!

Sunday afternoons, September to December. :wink:

Did you ever log on to the Dope and click on a forum except thinking that you clicked on a different one and then wonder why all the threads seem somewhat inappropriate?

So, tomorrow is the big day. I start my new job. Wheeeeee! I am kind of nervous, but also trying to remember that I did this already for half a school year and did pretty good (even though they didn’t pay me!). Ok, see ya’ll later.

Good luck with the new gig StickyBuns!

ETA because I am juvenile enough to do so… First on Eight!

Ok, I finished watchin’ whatever that was. The team in the fabulous green cleats seems real happy right now. It was interestin’, but I kinda wonder if people would watch an entire season of this. I mean, it might last a season, but I cannot imagine this show bein’ picked up for a second year. What a strange reality show this was!

Perhaps you might like to obtain satellite TV and watch Australian football.
They do not wear armour; indeed, they play in their underwear.
As I have posted before, it is somewhat more sporting.
One may not throw the football forward, towards the goal. One must carry it, avoiding seven or eight fellows also wearing underwear, who really, really, do not like one.

Rosie, how are your bruises and contusions?

or rugby.
Good luck on the job, Sticky!
Night, y’all!

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