Its mundane and pointless, so I thought i would share

So I’m sitting at work, not exactly bored, but still looking for motivation.

What better place to look than the SDMB? Reading through, hmm, that thread looks kewl, read. Hey - that looks interesting, lemme give my 10c worth.

Okay, read enough for now, lets check the motivation levels - [scotty from Start Trek] “I cannae do it captain, i dinae have the poewer!!!”[/scotty from ST]

Ok, I’m supposed to be creating help files, so if I’m typing on my keyboard, it looks like I’m working :smiley:

Hey, why don’t I start a thread in MPSIMS, this really is Mundane and pointless, so let me share it with the other plebs sitting at work searching for their motivation.

So yeah… hope you’re not too PO about me wasting a couple of minute of your time with this one :cool:

I am in pretty much the same place - just a continent removed!!

Share away… :smiley:


I should be typing up requests for clarification on an incomprehensible job spec I’ve just received.

But I’m not, right now. What are you going to do about it?

lol… don’t you just hate those days where you know the work is backin up… you have precious little time to finish, tomorrow is basically a half day cos of other responsibilities, and you still couldn’t be bothered to work…


can’t wait to get home to my GF, our 4 week old baby, and maybe even a visit from my good friend, nay, every ones good friend, Mr J Daniels.

Well, while you’re not working, I’m busily writing my thesis paper. What? Doesn’t look like that to you? Well, I’m doing RESEARCH. Yep, that’s me. Researching. Busy, busy, busy.

<slouches off to Café Society mumbling incomprehensibly>

I’m meant to be updating product pages on a website. Yawn.

God bless ghostzilla!

starting up the development environment… i had better have something to show for my days effort, my boss has a copy of how the help file looked yesterday. i spose it doesn’t take too much effort to add one more screen shot and some extra html code + text to make some effort to be user, um, user-friendly? thats it, i think?

(This from an IT department that considers a base-ball bat and a Taser perfectly acceptable user education equipment - heck, i’ve been shocked a couple of times by our tech manager, and i’m ferpectly pine, and the doctor says those twitches should go away soon, no more than the next 60 years or so, definately they will stop about a day or 2 after my death :D)

The Register follow the links to BOFH

also, i think is BOFH if you don’t understand what this is about, then just provide me with your username, and you will :dubious: