It's official--the Sixties are over

From Yahoo! Music:

Does this mean I can’t have sex or use drugs while listening to Axis: Bold as Love anymore?

Dr. J

If you can remember the '60s, you weren’t a part of 'em.

It’s a logic problem, Dr J —

The only way the decision makes sense is if you recognize that Hendrix was identified with sex AND drugs, not sex OR drugs. Since the scene in question was psychodelic, but not pornographic, it was a half-assed insult to the Great Jimi’s memory.

So, to answer your question, you may do drugs AND have sex while listening to the musical works in question, but not either along. However, i could may argue that since you are engaged in a passive non-participatory act of listening, rather than an active interactive act of creation, a lesser standard may be appropriate.

I hope this helps you make it through the next nine days. I know that lots of sex without drugs was very helpful in my final 9-10 days before Part I