It's team building Sequential Threads!

** Dope game with potential
Matt_mcl tried to kill me!! **
I don’t want to play

**Matt_mcl tried to kill me!!
Breaking up is hard to do … unless you dated me **

**Which “status” professions are the most over-rated?

Ask The Liquor Store Clerk! **
Another high-falutin’ liquor clerk showin’ off!

**Can someone please explain this type of mortgage re-fi plan to me?

My butthole hurts **

No one can screw you like the bank.

**A War We Just Might Win"
Bush getting bad political advice

**What kind of service should I expect from my dentist?
My butthole hurts

**What kind of service should I expect from my dentist?
Awake during surgery?? **

Cafe Society:

Does Anybody Really Know, etc. by Chicago
Near miss titles for songs

Parent/Toddler Tip Temper Tantrums
Why Tuna Fish?

A sick trio in “New Posts”:

**Rape Babies deserve to die?
Owen Wilson attemps suicide!
How do you spoil a child?

"Hip" phrases to drive my kids wild
Is “onjulating” a word?

**Help! Greasy Instant Coffee Vileness
The Straight Dope Resturant Complex **

**The cuteness! It burns!

Bringing a kitty into a single cat house **

**The cuteness! It burns!

Worst. Way. To die. Evar.**

** ‘Gray’ Rape
Uncomfortable with fisting technique
** :eek:

**Bringing a dish…ideas?

What foods and drink should I avoid to minimize the effects of sea-sickness? **

**Worst. Way. To die. Evar.
Matt_mcl tried to kill me!!

**Worst. Way. To die. Evar.

Indoor Skydiving **

In GQ yesterday were lined up

My butthole hurts
Getting kitten spit off a bear

Yes, I’d imagine it would.

**Bringing a dish…ideas?
Cast-Iron Frying Pan - I’m Liking It!