It's the memorial day charlie brown MMP!

WEll if ya read my posts in the previous MMP tomorrow is going to be crappy bbq wise but I decided to start this weeks before i go to bed … so since its memorial day anyone have anyone special you’ll be remembering ?

And feel free to share any and all plans for the day…
and yes there’s a special named that but I just thought it was a cool title :smiley:

As far as I know, no one in my family ever died in a war. And since the Vietnam War was winding down, I don’t think any of my high school classmates died in action either. So, no, I don’t commemorate anyone in particular today. Frankly, I think the day has lost its meaning over the years, devolving into a “We love veterans” non-event.

Use the day to honor those who died in uniform, but put away the fake patriotism… not directed at anyone here, but in general at those who make soldier-worship a political game.

Yeah, I woke too early and I’m a grouchy. :stuck_out_tongue: Happy Moanday!

well since my dad and uncle came back from Vietnam more or less memorial day when i was a kid was for remembering relatives and friends as a whole and not just those in the armed forces …

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 75 Amurrkin out and clear (a little bit of daylight creepin’ in, so I’ll give TWPTB that) with a predicted high of 96 and mostly N.O.S. for the day. Also gonna be HAWT! No biggie plans for the day. Normally I spiff da cave on Moanday but since OYKW is off today and the place is not all that bad, not doin’ that. We shall have some quality cee-mint pond time and sup upon hot dawgs 'n fixin’s. I made some coleslaw last night. Could make some fries, but we have chips so probably not. Neither one of us has a desire to leave da cave. I do have to remember to drag the biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig trash can all the way down to the road for pickup tomorrow since there will be no pickup today. Life can be so hard!

No one in my family ever died in a war or in service to my knowledge but still I honor those who have. Yestiddy there was a special collect (Whiskypalian for prayer) to honor those who have died while serving. I shall say that prayer today.

Now I need more caffeine and rumbly tummy wants to be fed. Then, onward into the day! Rah.

Happy Moanday and Memorial Day Y’all!

**shady **- being a veteran myself, I find the whole “thank you for your service” movement a bit condescending. Unless you (generic you, not you specifically) have talked to me about my time in uniform, you have no idea what my service entailed. For all you know, I spent half my time in the brig. (I didn’t - I was a good little sailor.) Anyway, don’t mean to rant all over your post.

Not sure what the day holds for me. I’ve got Roxy duty and I’d thought about taking her to a playground, but it rained overnight, and more rain is forecast. Maybe we’ll go to the maritime museum so she can look at the fish again. Or we could go to WalMart and do some crazy-watching. :smiley:

oh no prob dad gets salty over all of it now he started a war on facebook asking " where the hell was you in 68-71 when we were fighting for something better than oil… and I was getting spit on among other things "

Dad’s little brother was killed in an accident learning to fly in the USAAF about 1942.

Nobody in my family died while in active service. Dad served in WWII, flying a B24 in the Pacific. He got the DFC and the Silver Star. I’m glad he came home . 100% chance of rain this afternoon. Going to procure food this morning, then ride this afternoon. There is an indoor arena so I won’t get wet.

My dad served during the Korean War, but never got sent there. Ironic, since I served 1974-1977, and was sent to Korea. Other male relatives served but as far as I know no blood relations died during war. My dad had a BIL who died during the Battle of the Bulge, making my cousin an orphan at the age of six months, since his mom died not long after he was born. My uncle Larry was in a tank unit and hit the beach 24 hours after D-Day. He never spoke about it. he was a very quiet, peaceful guy. Kind of short, a lot of tank guys were.

My mom and I are going to go driving to a couple of cemeteries if the rain permits. She cn not walk a long ways but at least wants to pay respects to family. I will get us something to eat somewhere, BBQ would be good.

Happy Moonday!

Happy Memorial Day!
Although is happy appropriate?
I never think of it as a “We love veterans” event, I see it more of a “hurray! we have a day off irk, the pool’s are open, let’s go shopping, the stores have great sales, fire up the grill, and let’s get drunk” event.

You have to go all the way back to the Civil War for me to have any relatives who died in uniform. I, of course, didn’t know any of them, and nobody ever talked about them. I only know about them because one of my uncles wrote a book my great grandfather’s side of the family. Everyone wanted him to wrote a book on my great grandmother’s side, but since her father had 27 (that we know of) kids by 3 (that we know of) different women, my uncle said ‘no way’. It took years of research to trace my great grandfather’s side of the family. He wasn’t about to take on the jumbled mess that would have been my great grandmother’s.

It’s a cloudy 68 degrees outside, supposed to get up to 82.

I woke at 4 and couldn’t get back to sleep, until right before the alarm went off.
It’s going to be a long day.

Today’s agenda is to get the flowers planted. I have to finish laundry. Irk of course, I’m irking now. I have to put in the grocery order for us to pick up tomorrow. I should call and cancel directv, probably do that tomorrow though. It is not worth $55/month. Every room in the house needs a good vacuuming, and some of the rugs need straightening. I have little sticky tabs to put under some of them, which will hopefully keep them from shifting.
We’ll go to the park. I hate to let Ripple down, but I have so much to do and I really don’t have the time to go there everyday. Then again, it wears him out so it makes it easier to get stuff done because he sleeps a lot when we get home.

We finally got the storm that has been threatening all day, which drove the party next door indoors. Finally, some relief from the noise. One of them has a mini bike or motorcycle, I don’t know, I didn’t look out, but they just kept riding back and forth in the street and alley, which was the most annoying noise of all.

I have a half dozen eggs in the fridge, so I think I’ll make deviled eggs today to use them up.

To answer the OP, I will leave for Stones River National Cemetery shortly to pay respects to two 4X great uncles who were killed in the battle of Stones River during the ACW. I will also remember my Uncle Tommy and cousin Mike who were killed in Vietnam and my cousin Jim’s son in law Nick, who was killed in Iraq.

On the way home, I need to stop at Staples for new monitor cables for the desktop. When I began to install the new p printer last night, the connector to the tower finally came out and couldn’t be reconnected (I knew this was coming ). That, and the Sunday chores that I didn’t do yesterday, do a load of laundry and vacuuming. Oh yeah, and finishing the install of the new printer.

Morning all. A Reflective Memorial Day to all (it took me some time to come up with a word I think fits). I have soldiers back too the Civil War, but none have died in service that I know of (good thing too, since my Dad served 1942-45 and I was born in '53…).

Already 83F at 9am, so mowing the lawn will be a sweaty business, but it needs to be done. Expect after that I will not be interested in doing much else for the day.

Well I am happy to say that I know no one who died in combat. Three of the guys I was in Army flight school with died in three separate helicopter accidents while on active duty. Another guy that was a 2LT in my outfit when I was also a 2LT got messed up in Desert Storm. My Dad served as did my two brothers, we were all lucky. Here is to everyone who died and those that still love them.

I just remembered that my FIL’s brother died on Saipan in WWII. That would be the closest that I know of a relative who died in battle.

I took Roxy to Food Lion and she fell asleep on the ride home, but woke up once we got here. I had to rassle her, literally, but she yielded and fell asleep as I rocked her. With luck, she’ll be down at least an hour.

Not sure what I’ll do for supper tonight. I’m inclined to tell everyone to graze at will.

I take after Gramma Rose (my mothers mother) and Dad and don’t really center my thoughts on the military/KIA/WIA aspects so much as all the people I’ve known who made the life I live possible. All the veterans of course but also people like my Great-Uncle Andy Evans who developed camera mounts for aircraft for Howard Hughes and the military, became a recognized self-taught Texas A&M instructor in pecans and farming and other things, and drove the same car from 1948 until his death in the late 80s or so. He is also in a Steve McQueen movie – The Getaway. He is the old man sitting with an equally old woman in the train wearing sun glasses in the one foot chase scene. Its nothing against those who gave the ultimate for us all but there are tons of unknown faces as well. And this day brings a lot of them to my brain.

Will be lighting the grill shortly and cooking early because today is a work day for us. A nice 2.5x when its all said and done but work nonetheless. One plan I have is bacon-wrapping the hotdogs. Never tried it but always wanted to. Many flareups are expected with the loss of some arm hair.

Lawn has been mowed and bagged and JJ’s has been visited for lunch (and said lunch consumed). It’s 93F now and I think my time outside has been completed for the day, outside of checking the mail.

I’m a Vietnam vet and retired military and I also loathe the troop worship that goes on nowadays. A classmate of mine died during Vietnam, although it was in a transport plane crash, not in combat. There is military history in my family going back to the Revolutionary War, but I don’t know of anyone that died in those conflicts. I fly the flag today to remind myself what a horror war is and to hope that we will someday figure out that it’s never a winning proposition.

On the happy side, some peonies finally bloomed overnight. Beautiful. Be BBQ-ing later in the day. Dogs, mac salad, beans. Just the basics, ma’am.

Hubby had to go to urgent care to get his sawzalled hand sewn up again as it busted open. It may not be a bad thing though to release some of the infection. He had it x-rayed so will know more hopefully.

I have been lazy catching up on a bunch of Last Week Tonight’s with crazy John Oliver. I have a small turkey I’m gonna try to force into the fast pot. It may not fit though and if not I shall cut it up and make its parts fit.

I don’t know of anyone killed in war in my family but I think there may be an uncle on my fathers side. My parents were old when I was born so I don’t know much about extended family. I barely knew any Grandparents or Aunts and Uncles or cousins.

**MetalMouse **- don’t bother checking for the mail today… duh! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been having quality Roxy time. She played in her pool a bit, picked some clover flowers and blades of grass, blew raspberries on my knee, and held her toy remote up to her ear like a phone - I wish I’d had a camera at the ready. Oh, yeah, and she’s got the beginnings of 4 teeth, but they’re taking their time coming al the way out.

I may need to sleep with Mel tonight - I’s tahred!

I have no relatives who died in combat, but have many, many who served. Of those, many made a career out of the military. It’s a hard, low-paying, thankless job, but each person who wears the uniform contributes to the stability and strength of our nation. Whether pushing a broom Stateside, running a motor pool in Germany, or carrying a rifle in Afghanistan, each one is a part of a bigger whole.

Grandpa was a thirty-year man who served on WW1. He had three sons who came of age at the beginning of WW2, and they all enlisted. One uncle served thirty years. Another uncle was badly wounded, and was given a medical discharge. Then there was my daddy, who served 22 years in first the Army Air Corps, then the Air Force.

I married a twenty year Army man. And his older brother served twenty years in the Air Force.

We’re a pretty patriotic family.

When I go to visit the nearby National Cemetery, I whisper in my head, “Thank you. Thank you,” as I pass all the graves to reach my parents’ resting place. For each one who wore the uniform played a part in securing the country I enjoy today.